10 Must-Have Shots For Your Wedding Day

When it comes to wedding photography, as a general rule, we’re really not prescriptive. Whether you love natural and documentary style shots, or whether you prefer a more formal approach – as long as the quality is fabulous, we love it all. BUT, there are some images from your big day that you’ll want to treasure forever and any photographer worth their salt will be trying to absolutely nail for you. Want to know which ones we’re talking about? Well, you better read on…

1. Getting Ready

Those precious, nervous, excited pre-wedding moments are so special. If having both sides of the wedding party captured while getting ready is important to you, then either chose a photographer who comes with an assistant or make sure there is enough time for him/her to visit both parties in the morning. And make sure you know your timings – if you want images of you having your make up done, then the photographer will need to be with you at the same time as your MUA.

The Morning Of The Wedding // Getting Ready With Bridesmaids

2. The Dress

I’ll be honest – this is one of those shots I always think ‘but why???!?’ But then if you think about it, remembering the way your dress looked is actually very important. You may well sell your dress after your wedding day, so having a stunning image of it is a great way to see just how gorgeous it really was. Especially if it happens to be an embellished gown of dreams, like this Anna Campbell one below.

Embellished Anna Campbell Wedding Dress

3. & 4. The Wedding Party

Now you might be completely anti group shots, but don’t forget that these images are the only set you’ll have to remember your day by. Group shots don’t have to be cheesy or staged, neither do you have to put your bouquet in front of your face, nor wear matching socks and pull up your trousers to reveal them – although if you love those shots, then you go for it. Whatever your group shot style, just make sure you have some taken.

Wedding Group Shots

Wedding Group Shots With Bridesmaids In Sequinned Dresses

5. Arriving At Your Ceremony

The moment when all the nerves and joy seem to come together – this is an essential part of the day to document. It’s also a moment your other half doesn’t get to see, so capture it on camera to make sure they can see just how excited you were! After this point you may well break into tears too – so it’s a good time to have a photo taken ?

Arriving At Wedding Ceremony

6. The Confetti Shot

There’s nothing more joyful than a confetti shot – you finally did it! You got married! And now the fun can begin with a massive party. Confetti shots should be over the top – more is more. And I’m talking about the smiles on your faces as well as the confetti itself.

The Confetti Shot

7. The Bouquet

Even more special to capture forever, your wedding bouquet. Sadly you’ll probably get a week or so of life from your (fresh flower) bouquet, so make sure you have lots of lovely images of it from all angles. There is usually a ‘back’ as well, so make sure you ask your florist (or assign a BM to do so) which way they’d prefer it to be held.

8. The Killer Venue Shot

Often most of the work in planning your wedding culminates in what your venue looks like – the tables, place settings, florals, all of you ideas end up here for guests to enjoy. Your photographer will sneak into your venue to capture an amazing shot of the set up before guests see it (and quite frankly mess it up by having fun) but make sure that you’ve communicated this with them – especially if the details are really important to you.

Rustic Wedding Venue Decor

9. Your First Dance

When your setting is as magical as this – it’s essential to capture your first dance. Now I totally appreciate that for a lot of people, having to do a first dance is hugely stressful, let alone have it photographed. But I promise you, by that point in the day, you’ll be too drunk in love to even care. You’ll be so full of joy that you’ll want to dance your socks off all night. And your first dance can always include the wedding party and your guests too! It doesn’t have to be just the two of you on the dance floor.

First Dance At Wedding

10. Your First Kiss As A Married Couple

There will be a lot of kissing on your wedding day. So this is probably not one I need to mention, as hopefully you’ll be spoilt for choice with images – but for me, the ability to capture a truly stunning couple shot is absolutely essential and it’s where I start my hunt for good photographers. India Earl is the Queen of these shots. Sadly we can’t all have her taking our photographs on our wedding day, but just promise me you’ll find a photographer who can capture your authentic love. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Gorgeous Couple Shot By India Earl

If you’d like more tips on wedding photography, then make sure you read this post – it’s a great guide of where to start when it comes to choosing a photographer. And if you’d like to find photographers who come with the RMW seal of approval, then do visit our handpicked supplier directory, The List.

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