A Gold & Glittery Warehouse Wedding With Matching Glasses – Megan & Steve

I have been DYING to share this wedding on Marry Me Ink for some time from Savannah Lauren Photography – Megan never wore contacts and wasn’t going to start to on her wedding day so she decided to purchase her beautiful gold glasses that matched her dress perfectly and I’m in love.

Steve and I met in our High School Art Class! I was a Freshman and he was a Senior. I had a HUGE crush on him! We didn’t end up getting together then, but I never stopped thinking about him. We reconnected on Facebook 10+ years later and had our first real date. We’ve been together ever since!

Steve proposed to me a DIY way! He’s a screenprinter and has a studio in our home. He created an art print of a bouquet of flowers that he knew I would love and used it to propose. One day he was finishing up the final color on the print and he asked me to come help him. I had already helped him with some of the printing so I wasn’t expecting him to propose… I printed the last color and when I lifted the screen there was a different version that said “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” on it! I jumped and screamed and immediately said yes! In order to trick me, he printed 100 versions without the text so we gave them out as wedding favors/keepsakes.

Oh man! There are so many highlights! I absolutely loved everything about our wedding day. So, I’ll give you my top three:

1. First look – because it was so special! We were both so anxious/excited to see each other and it was so nice to spend some time alone before the ceremony began.
2. Ceremony/Vows – We wrote our entire ceremony from beginning to end.  Steve and I are not your traditional couple and didn’t want a traditional ceremony. The ceremony was filled with words that meant something to both of us. We also wrote our own vows that were incredibly personal. I will never forget those moments.
3. Dancing – Steve and I don’t dance. In fact, we even contemplated not having a DJ or including any dancing in our wedding at all! We eventually decided that it would be nice to have the dancing for our guests, but I’m pretty sure that he and I ended up having the most fun. We danced the night away with our family and friends! Also, Steve showed us all up with his incredibly sweet dance moves. Specifically, the finger guns.

We handpicked all the songs used for every moment throughout the evening. We wanted the music to reflect who we are and our relationship. I walked down the aisle to an instrumental rock song called “Green Theme” by a metal band named Baroness. The lead singer of Baroness is an artist named John Baizley and Steve has been collecting his art for years. We love his work and wanted to incorporate
his art into our day through his music.

We don’t have any couples’ tattoos, but I did have about 300 temporary tattoos of Steve’s face spread out all over the tables for the reception! The bride usually gets the most attention at the wedding and I thought the tattoos were a great way to shift the attention to Steve a bit. Our guests were covered in temporary tattoos of his face! People had it on their neck, forehead, and someone even had a “Steve Sleeve”! It was hilarious! And he loved it.

The ceremony was a complete representation of us as well. The words that our officiant read and the vows we shared described who we are, who we wanted to be, where we wanted to go, and the love we share together. It was so incredibly special.

Steve also built an amazing vintage moon photo bench! He hand cut it all from plywood. The moon and bench fold up so it was easy to transport and when it was all put together it was 6 ft tall! We got some really great photos with it.

How amazing is Megan and Steve’s wedding. I love how their Warehouse space at Haus 820 was decorated with the flower arch and moon photo bench. And I honestly think Megan’s glasses are my favourite. Thank you to them both and Savannah Lauren Photography for sharing their day with Marry Me Ink.

Photographer: Savannah Lauren Photography
Wedding & Reception: Haus 820 – Lakeland, FL
Megan’s Dress: Oleg Cassini
Steve’s Suit: Men’s Warehouse
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff
Flowers: Taylormade Floral and Event Design
Hair & Make up: Michele Renee The Studio
Cake: Petite Madelyn’s Bakery and Mini Doughnut Factory
Planning: Special Moments Event Planning
Catering: Puff n Stuff Catering
Other suppliers involved: Grant Hemond and Associates, Gabro Event Services


Stef & Adam’s York Elopement

This morning on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you Stef & Adam’s elopement from Frozen Shutter Photography. They both met when they were teenagers, went their own ways and found each other again five years ago. It was like they were never apart!

The simplicity of it all reflected us as a couple. We just wanted to do our own thing and spend as much time together as possible. There really wasn’t much to do in terms of planning and prepping for the wedding! No guests means no invites, no fancy tables, no bridesmaids – Eloping was certainly the right choice!

We honestly loved every minute of it, but our photo shoot around York was pretty amazing.

I absolutely LOVE that Stef and Adam did their own thin – Even getting into Betty’s Tea Rooms after their elopement. Thank you to them both and Frozen Shutter Photography for sharing their special day with Marry Me Ink.


Urban/ Industrial Wedding Inspiration

We have fabulous Wedding Industry friends that love our trademark boho vibes as much as our brides do, so we get lots of invites to collaborate with really awesome creative people on really awesome projects.   This Urban/Industrial shoot with cool bridal jumpsuits, and lashings of lush succulents and exotic greenery, was the brainchild of our flowery friend ‘T’ of Campbells Flowers.

For couples planning an alternative wedding, perhaps in an industrial warehouse space, fill your boots with this lovely inspo….

Supplier list

Flowers and concept – Campbell’s Flowers

insta: @campbellsflowers


Photography – Shelley Richmond Photography

insta: @shelley_richmond_


Assistant Photographer – Maytree Photography


Hair and Make up  – Jenn Edwards and Co.

insta: @jennedwardsartistry


Stationery- Wildwood Paper


Models – Katie Altoft and Izzy Grace Lindley


Venue – Portland Works Sheffield

insta: @portlandworks
Jumpsuits and Catsuits – ASOS


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A Rustic Wedding With Alpacas – Sasha & Josh

Today on Marry Me Ink, I get to share with you another gorgeous wedding from Memories and Milestones Photography – Sasha and Josh were married at Bickley Mill Inn and even had alpaca visitors on the day!


We both attended the same secondary school where Josh was the year below me. If I remember rightly I think I might have added Josh on a social media website after seeing him around school. We spoke on there for a while before actually plucking up the courage to speak in person. We bumped into each other a couple of times whilst out with our friends of an evening and after that started meeting up on our own quite frequently and eventually started “going out”. We were 15/16 years old at the time. We were together for roughly 5 months and then I left year 11 to start my college course and decided it would no longer work and we went our separate ways. Obviously not for long as we got back together 6 years later and are now happily married living as a new little family of 3 (I have a daughter, Sienna, from a previous relationship, Josh is the most amazing step parent).

Josh was very much a silent partner when it came to planning the wedding. I would ask his opinion on things and would always get a “I don’t mind babe” or “yeah whatever you think” so in the end I stopped asking and just did it my way, which to be honest was probably the best thing to do anyway.

However, we both knew that we wanted to keep the whole day as chilled and as laid back as possible. We knew that we were not a traditional couple so there was no point trying to fake it with a traditional wedding. We weren’t bothered about timings, who sat where, whether the tables were set up properly, we just let it be. We didn’t really have a theme but we wanted to include lots of woodland/rustic elements to the day. We didn’t want classy. And as for the alpacas, that was simply me just being an animal lover (I work with animals as a career) and not being able to help myself.

We didn’t really under go any massive DIY projects however we bought a lot of stuff second hand and then personalised them to make them our own. For example, we had log table numbers placed on a log slice, we sprayed them gold. We made little children packs out of metal chip buckets, we added wooden hearts to the flower girl baskets and we made luggage tag labels for the bridesmaids hangers.

The wedding day was such a blur. There was so much excitement and nerves mixed into one, it was very overwhelming. I would definitely say the highlight of our wedding day. From the guests’ point of view was the alpacas that I had secretly hired, they went down a treat. For us, we can’t pick a highlight, the whole day was just amazing. Having all our loved ones in one room watching us become husband and wife was just unreal. Josh cried A LOT so this was certainly one of my favourite parts (Shhh!)

How beautiful is Sasha and Josh’s wedding?! I must agree with their guests – The alpacas are amazing! Thank you to them both and to Memories and Milestones Photography for sharing with Marry Me Ink today.



We’ve had the pleasure of working for Sheffield jewellry designer Beth Pegler on two occasions now and it was a huge honor to work with such an amazingly talented and stylish lady.   We love her statement pieces with all their knotty, tassely, goodness and the colour combos really pop.

Photography by our good friend Maytree Photography.

Model:  Belili Sonrisa Valkyrie

Hair & Makeup: Jenn & Natty

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