Choosing a honeymoon: how to make the right decision

South Australia - sunsetAmid the panic and excitement of organising a wedding, there’s a danger that the honeymoon can become an afterthought. Indeed, many couples now take a short “mini-moon” immediately after the ceremony then defer the decision about where to go on their “real” honeymoon.


Breathtaking aerial performances to wow your guests!

wedding entertainment cornwall

A short few months ago while at a wedding industry event, I got to see a jaw-dropping act by the very talented The 2 Lisas.


There are no words to describe the awe-inspiring performance by these two ladies. Acrobatics performed at a great height using silks and hoops, an amazing display of strength and grace.


Wow your guests with entertainment like no other! Champagne pouring from above or get involved, climb on a board and twirl around in the hoop to create some stunning images!


Book for remaining July and August dates this year and save 10%


Head over to their website for more information.






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The Fun Fair Inspired, Papakata Sperry Tent Wedding of Katy + Chris…

afternoon tea, carousel, cherry orchard Lake, Church wedding, conga, Delamere, Festival wedding, funfair, funfair games, hock a duck, ice cream truck, jager train, lake wedding, Marquee Wedding, mr and mrs Unique, outdoor wedding, papakata, Papakata Wedding, Sperry tent, The Crawleys

Photos by The Crawleys

A colourful, fun-filled PapaKata Sperry Tent Wedding…

We love Katy + Chris’ super cool wedding!

A beautiful church ceremony was followed with a colourful, funfair inspired, marquee reception held at Cherry Orchard lake in Delamere, Northwich.

Katy + Chris decided to use a Papakata Sperry Tent after falling in love with it at a open weekend and placed it by the edge of the lake. With hook a duck, ice cream, a carousel, beautiful seasonal flowers and the biggest wedding Jager train… there was plenty to keep the bride, groom and guests happy!

Katy + Chris…

afternoon tea, carousel, cherry orchard Lake, Church wedding, conga, Delamere, Festival wedding, funfair, funfair games, hock a duck, ice cream truck, jager train, lake wedding, Marquee Wedding, mr and mrs Unique, outdoor wedding, papakata, Papakata Wedding, Sperry tent, The Crawleys

How would you describe your wedding theme?

We didn’t have a theme, it was more about people having fun. Yes it was our wedding, but we wanted a relaxed fun atmosphere giving our gests loads to do. The space was designed to be one big party. There weren’t any rooms for people to hide in, or even space for people to break off this was about both of our families and friends coming together, getting to know each other and having fun.

What were your favourite details?

Our carousel was a highlight of the day, I had so many chats, drinks and special moments on it with friends and family. It was made more special when my mum who isn’t very mobile managed to get

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Almond Love – Tan & Greenery Wedding Inspiration Board

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After choosing a vibrant Summery yellow for my last inspiration board, today I decided to go with an alternative palette. An ethereal take on neutrals that would work for almost any season, a soft, warm brown (that I like to call Almond) forms the base and is paired with a dusky peach and a lush green. Understated and chic, it is a refined color combination for the couple looking for something that little bit different!

Almond Love - Neutral & Greenery Wedding Inspiration Board

Tan & Greenery Wedding Inspiration Board

Bride – Katerina Lobova Photography via Burnetts Boards // Engagement Ring – Sally Pinera via Magnolia Rouge // Wedding Table – Holeigh V Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs on Aisle Society // Stationery – Written Word Calligraphy, Photography by We Are Origami Photography via The Wedding Playbook // Boutonnieres – Mindy Rice, Photography by Elizabeth Messina Photography via Magnolia Rouge // Bridal Shoes – Badgley Mischka, Photography by Alex Warschauer Photography via SMP // Wedding Cake – Photography by Olga Siyanko via Magnolia Rouge

Paired with lashings of greenery, and a mix of metallics, these romantic neutrals look a visual treat! In terms of styling keep it timeless and elegant, but with hints of vintage. I love the metallic wax seal on the the calligraphy stationery and the patina of the vintage ringbox. With such a simple colour palette texture is key, so choose opulent linens for your table, ombre or dip dyed fabrics for backdrops (or even your wedding dress!) and decorate with silk satin ribbon. Isn’t it amazing how a simple white cake can be so transformed with a fabulous cake stand and a length of fabric?!

When it comes to florals (and I know I have been saying this a lot lately, but…) you just can’t go wrong with organic looking greenery. Budget friendly, so on trend and utterly beautiful, it is a must to recreate this look. Choose seasonal blooms and keep the palette soft, then ask your florist for asymmetrical arrangements with a just picked feel.

So perfectly romantic don’t you think? And a little bit different to the typical Summer color palettes, which I love. If it’s not for you though and you want to see more wedding colours and inspiration boards perfect for Summer look no further because you will find lots in CVB’s archives! Like this elegant affair in the softest shades of blush, or this understated beauty in on trend neutrals, or this ethereal beach wedding color palette s one of my all time favourites! Oh and you won’t want to miss these 10 gorgeous Summer wedding colour ideas.




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The Nikon Wedding Collective Look Book

BLOVED Blog – Luxury UK Wedding and Lifestyle Blog

We’re talking about the trends in wedding photography with Nikon! As part of the European Nikon Wedding Collective of some of the best bloggers + photographers, we’re thrilled to share their launch of the Nikon Wedding Collective Look Book with all images captured with the Nikon D850!

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Top 10 annoyances for wedding guests

A piece of research was recently conduced by Goldsmiths across almost 2,000 wedding guests from across the UK. They asked guests what their top annoyances were about attending weddings, and here’s what they said…


  1. Being invited to a hen/stag do and wedding abroad (39%)
  2. Screaming children (36%)
  3. Drunken relatives (34%)
  4. Inconvenient location (29%)
  5. Long and cringeworthy speeches (29%)
  6. Long ceremony (26%)
  7. Long waits for food (25%)
  8. Not receiving a plus one when invited (22%)
  9. Being asked for money for the wedding gift (17%)
  10. When a wedding falls on a weekday (13%)


What do we think peeps? Here’s my thoughts – let’s break this down shall we?


1 – Being invited to a hen/stag abroad – AGREE

This is a bugbear of mine too if I’m honest. Why can’t we just go back to the days where tapas and cocktails followed by a dance round your handbags at the local discotheque was a successful hen do? The husband and I haven’t had a holiday overseas since our own honeymoon, so if I were to be investing in going abroad I’d kinda like to go with him. Of course – if you all have the disposable cash then no issue.


2 – Screaming children – AGREE

Actually, here it’s not so much the screaming kids that I find annoying, but the parents that don’t move them away from important moments. The marriage ceremony, the speeches – people want to hear! Children cry, that’s life, but I’d always like to think their designated grown up would do the right thing if said screaming happens at an inopportune moment.


3 – Drunk relatives – AGREE

Oh booze. I love a tipple as much as the next person, but over-indulging can make for a not-so-pretty sight can’t it? To be fair this isn’t something I’ve generally experienced at weddings I’ve been to but I can totally see how cousin Lila getting smashed and pole dancing round the marquee might not be so classy on your wedding day.


4 – Inconvenient location – DISAGREE

Three words. It’s their day.  If you care about the couple just suck it up and go.


5 – Long and cringeworthy speeches – AGREE

Ohhhhhh have I heard some corkers in my time. Long and boring – NO.  Embarrassing and cringey – NO. The best Best Man speech I ever heard was at my sister’s wedding, as her new brother-in-law stood up and sang the praises of his brother and my sister. It was SO lovely, he told stories of great memories they had together, with a good dose of humour and love thrown in. Not a dry eye in the house. So much nicer than reeling through a list of ex-girlfriends and anecdotes nobody needs dredged up on the wedding day.


6 – Long ceremony – DISAGREE

It’s those three words again! It’s their day. Sure a long ceremony can be a yawnfest but this is someone you care about declaring their love and commitment to one another. If they’ve chosen this ceremony it’s because it means something to them. It’s another case of ‘man up’ from me, even it is served up with a snore from the back row.


7 – Long waits for food – AGREE

Right. Full disclosure, I’m a hangry sufferer, so I do require regular feeding to avoid the setting in of aforementioned hanger. But yeah, when we organised our own wedding I made sure that I looked at the timings realistically and worked everything out so that people weren’t being left hungry and thirsty.  I wanted our guests to have a great time, and in my world that means being fed and watered at regular intervals!

In terms of the long wait for food – that signifies a poor supplier. A decent caterer will make sure food is being served promptly, that tables are getting courses at the same time and nobody is left waiting for their starter while others are finishing their dessert!


8 – Not receiving a plus one – DISAGREE

I’m about to contradict myself here but it’s my blog so I reserve the right to do that!

We wanted all of our guests to be happy, comfortable and have a good time, so our arrangements were revolved around that. And with that in mind, we did indeed include a plus one to guests who were being invited alone.

However. I don’t think a plus one should be an expectation.

9 – Being asked for money as a gift – OMG DISAGREE SO HARD!

These days most couples have been together for years by the time they get to tying the knot. They’ve got a home, a toaster, and all the towels they need. If you were going to spend £x on a gift for them what harm does it do to just give them that as cash rather than something that will sit in a cupboard never used? Perhaps they’ll treat themselves to a new garden shed or something. Don’t be such a meanie!


10 – When a wedding falls on a weekday – DISAGREE

I’m guessing the issue here is the conflict with work and having to take time off? If you give two hoots about this person and want to be there that won’t be a problem – what better way to spend a day or two of your annual leave than celebrating with people you care about?  Getting married on a weekday can work out quite a bit cheaper than a weekend, so what does it reeeeeally matter? Again. Meanie.



What are your thoughts?




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Italian Romance! A Destination Wedding in Sicily: Taia and Francesco

fabrizioandromina08239In keeping with Sicily, Taia and Francesco decided on a very simple and authentic wedding theme that was green and white in colour. Atmospheric lanterns, candles and traditional olive leaves (which are a symbol of Sicily) were included on the tables and throughout all the wedding decorations, this added to the romance of this Italian destination wedding. Words by Taia. Fabrizio and Romina Photography & Films.


All About Modern Wedding Cake Trends + What the Experts Say

BLOVED Blog – Luxury UK Wedding and Lifestyle Blog

The wedding cake is always a feature we are excited to see when we receive both real wedding and styled shoot submissions here at B.LOVED blog! Across different wedding styles we’ll find various designs from the glamorous and opulent to the more understated chic cake! There are quite a few key trends for modern wedding cakes creeping… Read more »

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A Romantic Fall Wedding at Hidden Lake Winery

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Sarah and Nick had the most beautiful, intimate celebration at Hidden Lake Winery! With a ceremony on the deck overlooking the lake and surrounded my trees, it was the perfect venue for their vision of a romantic fall wedding. They both got ready at the winery with Sarah wearing a lace, long-sleeved gown, complete with a messy low bun, and her bridesmaids wore dusty pink gowns that popped against the background of Autumnal leaves.

Sarah shared…. “I wanted a romantic feel with lots of greenery, candle light, vintage elements, and soft colors. The perfect location was difficult to find until we came across Hidden Lake Winery which just worked — location, style, options, everything!”

Prioritising what was most important to them, and the experience of their guests, the couple kept decor mostly DIY and florals simple with lots of greenery, garden roses and eucalyptus. “We didn’t want to get caught up in the details on the day and forget about the meaning, choosing instead to spend on food, desserts, and treats for our guests – it was worth it! I also splurged on chairs because it was a detail I just couldn’t get past!”

Understated Gold Wedding Invitation Wedding Dress Hanging Bride & Mother of the Bride Getting Ready Tan Groom's Shoes Groom Getting Ready Groom & Groomsmen

“I have always been obsessed with long sleeve wedding dresses – my mom had long sleeves and I wanted to keep that element. It took me a while to find my dress, but loved it! For my bridesmaids, I just love mauve — and wanted something soft and elegant to go with the greenery. Then for Nick and his groomsmen navy was a perfect suit pairing!”

Bride with Cathedral Veil Vintage Inspired Bride

What were your favorite parts of the day?

“Our first look was by far my favorite! We also wrote letters to each other that we shared with our officiant several weeks before the wedding. She incorporated elements of our letters into the homily — it was an intimate moment we got to share with our friends and family.”

Romantic Fall Wedding First Look Romantic Fall Wedding First LookRomantic Fall First Look Romantic Fall Wedding First Look Romantic Fall Wedding Wedding Ceremony Decor Draped Wedding Ceremony Arch Bride & Father of the Bride Bride & Father of the Bride Fall Wedding Ceremony Lakeside Wedding Ceremony Lakeside Wedding Ceremony Hidden Lake Winery Wedding Hidden Lake Winery Wedding Hidden Lake Winery Wedding Fall Pink Bridal Party Hidden Lake Winery Wedding Fall Dusky Pink Bridesmaids Pink bridesmaids and red bouquets Groom & Groomsmen Bride & Flower Girl Hidden Lake Winery Wedding

“I bought several pieces from antique stores and turned them into details for the wedding: the guest seating list was an old window painted, all the candle sticks were second hand — just needed some cleaning and polishing, we used an old mirror painted gold and an old barn door I found for our wedding signs; and  I gave my brother a picture of the donut boards I liked and he crafted them from scratch!”

Vintage Mirror Wedding Sign Understated Table Plan Indoor Wedding ReceptionTall Greenery Wedding Centerpiece

“We LOVE desserts and wanted to wow our guests with a dessert table! I would say this ended up being a favor, in addition to our late night snack of sliders and fries.” 

Donut Wedding Dessert Table Donut Wedding Dessert Table Donut Wedding Wall Hanging Wedding Greenery Vintage Wedding Cake

Pearls of Wedding Wisdom from the Bride…

“Build time into your day of agenda for the two of you — a few minutes before the reception or during the reception to enjoy the moment!”

Hidden Lake Winery Wedding First Dance

Tell us a little about your photographer…

Erin Stubblefield is crazy talented! She guided the wedding party, kept things on schedule, was very open the day of to anything I needed. And, she made us smile the entire time! Her crew was also amazing. Find a photographer that gets you! Erin was absolutely fabulous!”

Fall Hidden Lake Winery Wedding


How yummy does that dessert table and donut wall look?? I love edible wedding favors! Huge congratulations to the happy couple Sarah & Nick, and a big thankyou to them as well as their wonderful photographer Erin Stubblefield for allowing me to share their perfect day with you. If you love Erin’s photography and would like to see more of her work head over to her website and be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Or if you love the timeless romance of this wedding, then you might want to see Jenn & Teague’s earthy & elegant wedding at Rigmor HouseAlex & Ian’s wedding at Salisbury House, or Alex & Amanda’s romantic celebration in the mountains of North Carolina! And you’ll love Matt & Kelly’s greenery filled affair at the Chandelier Ballroom!



Contributors & Credits

Photography – Erin Stubblefield Weddings and Portraiture // Venue – Hidden Lake Winery // Floral Design – Accents Floral Design // Wedding Stationery – Minted // Videography – Erin Stubblefield Weddings and Portraiture // Wedding Cake – Covered In Chocolate // Hair & Makeup – J and L Salon // Wedding Dress – Clarice’s Bridal // Bridesmaid Dresses – Bella Bridesmaids // Submitted via Matchology

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How to Steal Meghan Markle’s Wedding Day Style

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Since 2011 we have been enjoying the Kate effect, with the wedding world and brides alike loving all things lace – especially sleeves! But after last weekend’s truly beautiful, and emotional, royal wedding, I think it is safe to say understated elegance is going to have its time in the spotlight. Having already looked at royal wedding worthy crowns and tiaras, today we are turning our attention to the other elements of Meghan’s wedding day look, and how you minimalist loving brides-to-be can recreate it for yourself!

Harry & Meghan Royal Wedding 2018

All royal wedding images issued by The Royal Family via Facebook & Instagram

The Wedding Dress

Harry & Meghan Royal Wedding 2018

I think its safe to say, the dress lacked the Markle sparkle everyone had speculated it would have. But personally I think that made the choice all the more breathtaking. Because whilst the Givenchy gown, designed by brit Clare Waight Keller, was most certainly understated it was anything but safe. With its bateau neckline, 3/4 length sleeves and tailored silhouette, it made a style statement of its own, that of utterly timeless elegance and understated splendor. Her choice showed restraint, and proved yet again that simplicity really is the ultimate sophistication. And probably most importantly, it was so different to Kate’s that it avoided any kind of true comparison! Personally I think it is impossible to do anything but love both.

Jesus Peiro Grace Wedding Dress

Grace – Jesus Peiro

Bacall Gown

Bacall GownBHLDN

Cowl Back Wedding Dress

Cowl Back Wedding Dress – Noel & Jean by Katie May

Long Sleeve Understated Wedding Dress Resal by Pronovias


Suki Wedding Dress Rime Adroaky

Suki – Rime Adroaky

Jenny Yoo Blythe Wedding Dress

Blythe – Jenny Yoo

Pronovias Huarte Wedding Dress

Huarte – Pronovias


The Veil

It has long been said that accessories make an outfit. And this couldn’t have been more true than when Meghan stepped from that beautiful vintage Rolls Royce, and everyone caught their fist glimpse of that magnificent 16.5 ft veil. Made of silk tulle with silk and organza hand-embroidered flowers along the trim, representing all 53 of the Commonwealth countries, it added drama to her look and wowed the crowds and wedding world just as much as her dress.

Meghan Markles Wedding VeilMeghan Markles Wedding Veil

And you can easily recreate her look, and add some regal style and drama to your wedding day look, with these beautiful cathedral length veils…..

Cathedral Mantilla Veil

Cathedral Mantilla VeilSibo Designs

Lace Edged Cathedral Length Veil Lace Edged Bridal Veil

Cathedral Length VeilSheeta Design

Lace Cathedral Length Veil

French Lace Edged Cathedral Length VeilOne Blushing Bride || Yasmin Roohi Photography

Embroidered Lace Cathedral Length Veil

Lace Applique Cathedral VeilVeiled Beauty

Lace Edged Bridal Veil

Lace Bridal Veil – Victoria Spirina

Roseline French Lace Veil

RoselineGirl and a Serious Dream

Mantilla Cathedral Length Veil

Mantilla Cathedral Length VeilSibo Designs


The Evening Dress

Last but not least, the new Duchess of Sussex wowed us with her reception gown. Designed by Stella McCartney it really showed off her slender frame and beautiful shoulders, with its halter neck and slinky silhouette. Plus it would have been perfect for dancing the night away with her dapper new husband! (oh and if you loved his reception look too, you will find something similar for your groom here!)

Meghan Markle's Wedding Reception Dress Meghan Markle's Wedding Reception Dress

And whilst not everyone can afford a Stella McCartney gown, there are more affordable alternatives out there…. that would most definitely be beautiful enough for the ceremony too! Don’t you think?

Pasarela Rosa Clara

Pasarela – Rosa Clara

Brody Amsale Wedding Dress


Modern Bridal Gown

VivienneDavie & Chiyo

Gwen by Jenny Yoo

Gwen – Jenny Yoo

Dreba by Pronovias Wedding Dress

Dreba –  Pronovias

Well, whatever we think of the bride’s look on the day, I think we can all agree they make such a super sweet couple. And whilst having their budget might have been nice, I certainly don’t envy them the scrutiny their wedding day came under. Congratulations to them both for what looked to me like the most perfect day, and long may these smiles!

Harry & Meghan Royal Wedding 2018

(don’t even want to think how long we have to wait now for the next royal wedding!!)




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