50 wedding table name ideas

Just when you thought all the decisions were made, you remember the table names! But fret not, this is a chance to share a little more about the story of the two of you, and have a bit of fun too. Whether it’s something that will play into the theme of your wedding day (album covers perhaps?), or your favourite places written in an elegant font, here are 50 ideas to get you started.


Did you go to a gig for your first date? Maybe you are honeymooning at a festival or heading to the opera in Vienna. If music is one of your big loves, then here are some suggestions for you:
1: Album covers from your favourite bands (here are some to inspire)
2: Your songs (from the first song you danced to, to the one that played as you walked down the aisle)
3: Lionel Richie’s Greatest Hits (Everyone loves a bit of Lionel, right?)
4: Your favourite clubbing tunes (nostalgia fest!)
5: 80s Power Ballads (can’t go wrong)
6: Guilty pleasures (from Justin Bieber to Skid Row)
7: Festivals you’ve been to (From the mud bath of T in the Park to the ever so slightly more glam Coachella)
8: Favourite musicals (Can you feel the love tonight?)
9: Gig venues you’ve been to together (we’re thinking Barrowlands, Liquid Rooms…)
10: Ridiculously named rock bands (just imagine sitting Granny at the ‘Porno for Pyros’ table. On second thoughts, maybe not)



Whether you love to live out of a rucksack or are more into boutique hotels, travel is a subject that unites most people. Here are some thoughts to get you started:
1: Areas of New York (Hell’s Kitchen anyone?)
2: Places you’ve holidayed together (Time to admit you went to Magaluf)
3: Your bucket list destinations (In case anyone’s feeling extra generous)
4: Ski resorts (Photos of you grinning while surrounded by powder are optional)
5: Mountains & munros (Perfect if you’re the adventurous type)
6: Beaches (Whether you surfed there or simply basked on them)
7: Places you plan to visit on your honeymoon (Because let’s face it, you’ll be too busy kicking back to send postcards)
8: Cities/areas of a city you’ve lived in (And you get to choose who goes at the upmarket table and who is going to be at the one named after the really rough area)
9: Airports (The jetsetters among you will have no problem thinking of lots!)
10: Underground Stations (Anyone for Elephant & Castle?)


If movies are more your thing, you could choose a favourite director or genre and run with it. You get top marks if you recreate the posters:
1: Cult films (Blade Runner and Ghostbusters would definitely be on my list)
2: Rom-coms (P.S. I Love You, Jerry Maguire, Dirty Dancing, Love Actually – Such a good excuse to watch them all again!)
3: Favourite animations (From Tarzan to Toy Story)
4: Lines from the movies (And maybe a little prize for the first person to name the film)
5: Golden oldies (Gone With The Wind, Some Like It Hot, Psycho – so much potential!)
6: Famous characters (Jessica Rabbit, Dracula, Yoda)
7: Tarantino films (You could also include a quote from the film)
8: Famous film studios (Pinewood, Lime Grove, Dragon?)
9: Superheroes & villians (From Captain America to Catwoman, there are so many great characters to choose from)
10: Famous couples (Bickering couples sit at ‘Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor’, while the hopelessly loved up yet strangely pale can be found over at ‘Bella & Edward’. Or you could be a little more subtle, obviously.)



If you’re having a literary themed wedding, then here’s a great chance to work your specialist subject:
1. Harry Potter characters (It may be prudent to not include Moaning Myrtle here. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…)
2. Sci-fi classics (A cheeky opportunity to enlighten the more mainstream among your guests methinks!)
3. Jane Austen Novels (Best for more intimate weddings)
4. Favourite authors (From Roald Dahl to Charlaine Harris, the list can be as eclectic as your tastes)
5. Penguin Classics (So many greats to choose from!)
6. Shakesperean plays (From the romantic Romeo & Juliet to the more amusing Much Ado About Nothing)
7. Fifty Shades of… (Lacrosse? Crochet? The options are endless!)
8. Children’s books (Get the nostalgia flowing with The Wind in the Willows, Beatrix Potter & Winnie the Pooh, to name but a few)
9. Dr Seuss books (You could leave a copy of the book on the table, for extra ice-breaking points)
10. Agatha Christie mysteries (Elephants Can Remember is surely where you’ll sit the older guests, right?)

One of the great things about table names is that they can really break the ice and get the conversation flowing among your guests. Here are a few of my favourites to get the party started:
1. Scots words and their meanings (So much comic potential here. Just make sure you collect your gift first before seating your uncle at the Crabbit table)
2. Distilleries (Because all whisky lovers enjoy talking about their favourite)
3. Favourite cocktails (You could even provide a pitcher of it on each table to really get the chat going).
4. Craft beers (Your chance to name the naughty table with the title they deserve)
5. Funny quotes (Mae West is always good for inspiration)
6. Unusual place names (Did you once live on Beaver Street? Or maybe you first met on Cockburn Street)
7. Retro sweeties (Refreshers, Parma Violets, Wham!)
8. Your favourite things (Favourite hill walk, favourite city, favourite film etc, etc)
9. Foreign words (The banter follows when your guests work out what theirs means…)
10. Breeds of… (Cows, pigs, fish, dogs? You choose your particular favourite!)
There is, of course, also the option of keeping things super simple and numbering your tables. But then you don’t get to sit your superhero and beer loving friends at the Hoptimus Prime table. And that would surely be a great shame.
What will you be naming your tables after? Christina x

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