9 Ways To Have A Stress-Free Wedding Morning

Many couples spend a year or more planning and preparing for their wedding day. Every last detail of the ceremony and reception will be planned to perfection, from the detailing on the bridal gown and the order that the bridesmaids will walk down the aisle, to the carefully-selected wedding breakfast menu and the choice of song for the first dance.

However, with all the focus being placed on the ceremony and reception, it can be easy for brides to forget to plan the morning of their wedding properly. If you’ve forgotten to plan out the events that will take place between waking up and getting into the wedding car, you might find yourself getting a tad stressed out.

The wedding morning will typically involve hair and makeup for the bride and bridesmaids, getting everyone into their dresses, a visit from the wedding photographer, and some all-important Champagne drinking! Many brides underestimate how long it will take to have their hair done and to get into their dress, and things can quickly end up running behind schedule if you’re not careful.

This handy infographic, put together by AA Executive Cars, features nine great tips to help you ensure that your wedding morning is as stress-free as possible…



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Info graphic and content provided by AA Executive Cars.

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