A Contemporary Wedding Bracelet For The Modern Bride

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the wedding dress designer Poppy Dover, let me explain a little more about her. Poppy is incredibly stylish, so it is very easy to see how her designs have become a favourite of modern brides. Poppy, who lives in Chelsea, London, and runs her business from her studio, worked for high end luxury fashion houses before establishing her own label in 2015.

If you are looking for a contemporary wedding bracelet, Poppy has recently created a ‘Love Dial’ bracelet which is perfect for your big day. I recently caught up with Poppy to discover what made her decide to design jewellery, along bridal dresses.

Discover more about Poppy Dover’s contemporary wedding bracelet….

Poppy, why are you now designing jewellery?

I am fascinated and intrigued by the story behind jewellery, in particularly pieces  that carry sentimental value. A ring or a bracelet that is nothing special to the onlooker, can be priceless to the owner. So is the mystery of where it came from… Who might have bought it?

It is the personal relationship with the wearer that I love. For this reason designing a sentimental and personalised bracelet to offer the bride in addition to her wedding dress feels like a natural progression of the brand.

contemporary wedding bracelet

How elegant is this contemporary wedding bracelet, ‘The Love Dial’ by Poppy Dover?

What made you decide on a bracelet?

I like bracelets because they encompass a mood of easy every day wear, more so than rings or necklaces.The ‘Love Dial’ is a luxury item that can been worn always, not just on the wedding day or special occasions, it is light but robust. The bracelet doesn’t need to be taken off. It looks good alone or stacked up with other bracelets and watches.

The connection between her wedding fashion and jewellery

Is the bracelet part of your latest bridal collection ‘Love Rules?’

The inspiration is an extension of my latest bridal collection ‘Love Rules.’I have focused on roman numerals relating, say to the first date the couple met or the actual day of the wedding. Some are embroidered around the collars and some are more subtle.

It is an interesting and striking way of inscribing the garments with a permanent reminder of the happy couples private bond of love. I as a true romantic can’t help but encourage this through the expression of design.

contemporary wedding bracelet

Poppy’s bracelet is an extension of her wedding dress collection, ‘Love Rules.’ This is the stunning Bow Bounce dress. Photograph by Jordan Grant.

Can the bracelet be personalised?

The date (decided by the bride or the person giving the bracelet as a gift), can be engraved at no extra cost.

How can a bride go about purchasing a bracelet?

Brides can order one from us directly for the moment. However, we are currently looking for stockists.

How long does the bracelet take to make?

The lead time is six to eight weeks.

What is the price?

£880, the gold is 9ct and a small pave diamond is included on each piece. On the reverse the Poppy Dover logo is delicately engraved.

contemporary wedding bracelet

The Poppy Dover logo is on the back of the bracelet.

Will you be launching any other bridal jewellery other than your contemporary wedding bracelet?

For the moment we are focused on this special luxury item, designed as a stand alone piece and available for brides and non brides as a personalised keepsake. Further down the line, we would love to offer other items.

contemporary wedding bracelet

Poppy Dover has become renowned for her exquisitely stylish designs.

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