A new adventure begins…

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We’d like to offer a very big welcome to everyone who is joining us for the first time – congratulations on your engagement! And also to those of you who have been secretly reading the blog for months (or years!) but now have the bling to go with it (yay)! We are so excited to have you here with us and to help guide and inspire you on your wedding planning journey.

We’ve got lots of beautiful, inspirational posts coming up over the holidays. But first up, we have some exciting news for those of you who are at the very start of your wedding planning… we are looking for a newly engaged bride or groom-to-be to join our team of guest bloggers!

If you’re getting married in Scotland, are good with words and are teetering between giddy joy and absolute overwhelm at the thought of what’s to come, then you could be just the person we’re looking for.

Each month our guest bloggers share their planning journey, behind-the-scenes photos and wedding chat with our wonderful readers. And we also love to share the weddings in full when the time comes – by then we’re all completely hooked!

So if you love to write, are happy to share the highs and lows of your wedding journey, and spend more time updating your Instagram than you know you should, this is the perfect opportunity to get your story and photos published.

Want to be our next Guest Blogger? Enter here by January 8th for a chance to win a spot on the team. Christina x

Photos by Margaret Soraya, Aboyne Photographics and Carley Buick Photography.

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