A Year and a Half On

Remember our amazing Magical Winter Wedding Competition? The lovely Mel and Chris were the deserving winners. We caught up with them recently as they shared their news of their wedding part 2 (the Oz leg) and the new arrival in their lives. Love these guys…

“A lot has happened since we got hitched! Honeymoon to Australia to Uluru, Melbourne and Adelaide. Then Malaysia to Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Followed by our Aussie wedding reception in my folks backyard!

“Chris did his first triathlon. We popped over to Copenhagen with my mum in September and I had to keep stopping everywhere for a pee and 9months later we found out why! I didn’t know until I was about 10weeks and did 4tests just to be sure. I Told Chris 4days later by leaving a message at the bottom of his teacup and I hid the go pro to record his reaction. He laughed and thought I’d picked up a cup from b m bargains and not realised what was written in it ?

“We visited Berlin for our first anniversary and I had to have a non-alcoholic stein…not really the same, especially when Christopher had a glow half way through his first stein!

“And now we’re a trio with our wee chunky max..

“We’ll never forget the awesome whirlwind experience we had with you guys!”

Love hearing news of previous guest bloggers and really lovely to hear how this family have grown. Alie x

Mel and Chris won their Winter Wedding through We Fell In Love Blog

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