Artsynibs Calligraphy Workshop Review

Today’s blog is a review at one of Artsynib’s workshop’s. Our (newly engaged) Rachael went along and wrote about her fun day out taking part in this cool experience.

The Review;

I’ve wanted to connect with Artsy nibs for a little while now but with busy schedules on both sides we were having a hard time pinning down a date.

I was so happy when Joyce contacted me to say a spot had come free for Saturdays brush lettering work shop I jumped at the chance.

I was up bright and early and off I popped headed straight for one of my favourite spots Leaf on Portland street. Leaf originally started in Liverpool and it’s one of my favourite places for lunch and a rose petal tea ( think turkish delight and the prettiest shade of pink ) delish!

Artsy nibs

Joyce who’s the gal behind Artsynibs welcomed me and she is so so lovely, a real warm welcome I was looking forward to the next 3 hours. I was joining with 8 other ladies some newbies and some experienced.

Joyce talked us through the tools and gave us an introduction along with some helpful tips to get us started. She explained the different brushes and how she liked to use them along with the importance of…DONT forget to breath! Take a breath and relax don’t over think it.

I loved using the ink to get different effects by dipping the coloured pens into the ink to get a gradient effect as shown below by Artsynibs;

Artsy nibs

I’m not going to lie it was a little tricky for me but I really enjoyed it and it’s something I see myself trying at home. Now that I have the brush pens and ink thanks to Joyce I can get practicing in my spare time.

If your looking to give calligraphy a try or even brush up on your existing skills ( no pun intended) I can highly recommend Artsynibs!

For classes check out –

Leaf –

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