Beating the Henny Blues

Post Hen (and Stag), Adele is reuniting with her wedding planner and getting stuck into the next round of to-dos. This month it’s between kilts and shoes. Oh and some rather fetching milk urns. Over to Adele…

“It’s far too scary to think we are now into Autumn – I am not ready for the dark mornings and nights but 100% ready for the hats and scarves season!

“September saw the joys of Mark’s stagger – only fair since I had mine! He headed off to Krakow (poor Poland!) with 15 others including my brother and dad! Pretty sure they had a blast from the selected stories I’ve heard – I think he pulled the short straw for outrageous outfits but his best man did a great job!

I am so glad we decided to have them early on instead of next year when things are already so chaotic – and I think we have both decided to have another wee get together next year for some who couldn’t make the away do’s!

And now we’ve both had our wee breaks away it was definitely time to reunite with the wedding planner (my bible) and beat these henny blues!

“It was veils, veils, veils this month for me! I had an image in my head of how I wanted it to look but really…who knew how many different styles, colours, lengths, trims were available?

“I was so happy to find the perfect veil at Ivory Grace in Aberdeen. Out of all the stores I visited whilst on the dress quest to find ‘The One’, I fell in love with this shop and the staff really couldn’t be more helpful. They stock a beautiful array of designers and dresses, and the shop is just gorgeous inside. I knew the veil had to be affordable as I know myself; I’ll have it on for about an hour and I can guarantee there will be a few ‘Rudie prints’ added to the bottom in that time!

“Armed with my tape measure, I have until December to get my final measurements over to allow enough time for my dress to be made. With this in mind, shoes are next on the hit list as this will determine the final height measurement.

“Again thanks to good old Pinterest, I too have become infatuated with the Valentino Rocktstud collection! I’m not sure if my wedding fund will allow for this – it may have to be an equally gorgeous; slightly more affordable pair from Kurt Geiger, but a girl can dream right! I think my feet have moulded to heels through time but nothing can risk my day/night of dancing so I think comfort is key for the big day! I think a pair of flats at the side lines are also a must, just incase!

“We were also very lucky to have the first draft of our invites sent through by the ever so talented Karla at Paper Skeleton. She managed to capture every idea we had on paper and first impressions, I am over the moon how they have turned out – can’t wait to see the final product at the end of the year!

“It was also time to get one of Mark’s To Do’s ticked off the list – Kilt shopping!! I LOVE a kilt!! I’m so glad it’s still a thing; that one picture of all the guys at the big day – they just all look so handsome! Mark is taking this opportunity to get his own kilt made and I couldn’t believe how much choice there was – I thought we had it hard finding a dress! But I love the one he went finally picked, and he gets extra brownie points for it being a Stewart Kilt!

“The hunt for milk churns is also now complete! (I think a sigh of relief from family here as it was also a mission I passed to all in the search for the perfect churn!). My dad, the absolute hero, managed to source two lovely looking milk churns which are going to hold some sunflowers at the entrance of the venue. After a good scrub I know they will turn out amazing!”

We can see why Adele is lusting after those shoes! Anyone else fallen head over heels this month? Alie x

Adele and Mark are planning a rustic, laid-back celebration that will be a true reflection of the two of them – think flowers, foliage, fairy lights, plus a BBQ and plenty of beer. They are getting married at Inchyra Byre in Perthshire next May.

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