Boho Picnic Wedding in Spain

Annamma and Manu married in Spain’s Tarragona region last July. The couple’s search for a special place to celebrate their intimate wedding in a relaxed space with their relatives and friends came to an end when they found L’Avellana, a centenary masia near Barcelona. The venue allowed them to enjoy the scenery and having the laid back and intimate celebration they dreamed of. Annamma and Manu created all the gifts and decorations in the months leading up to their wedding- we love the bright and beautiful decor at this wedding, as well as the couple’s obvious adoration on display! It was all captured beautifully by F2Studio.


“We met in the spring of 2008. I’m Italian and had just moved to a tiny appartment in Barcelona with two friends and he appeared during the move. He was the boyfriend of one of the girls. We started to meet as friends between dinners, beach days and nights of laughs until we realised that something had changed. We also had to face a moral and ethical problem. I came from a love dissapointment and didn’t want drama, so we tried to keep our distance but it was impossible. We decided to think about what could make us truly happy. We bought two plane tickets and had our first improvised holiday in Lago di Como. Since that, we have been inseparable.


L’Avellana is a beautiful Masia with more than 300 hundred years of history, located one and a half hours south of Barcelona. When we visited L’Avellana for first time there was no one at the entry except Romeo, the little piggy of the house. Suddenly he started to get closer to us. The situation was surreal- he came very slowly but he never stopped at any moment and we tried to avoid him as we could. I think we fell in love with everything at that moment. The connection with Kati the owner was instantaneous. We only had to say “picnic” and she started to plan everything. The best thing was that we didn’t have to say anything really, she anticipated everything. The place couldn’t be better- immersed in nature, relaxed, with a fantastic masía and full of magic vibrations due to the family that live in it. We didn’t have to think twice about our decision to celebrate our wedding there. When we left we knew that we would be getting married there. The picnic idea came because we wanted a relaxed wedding- I always detested those never-ending weddings where you can’t move and there’s so many people involved and therefore so much compromise. When we realised we could do something different, planning it like a party with friends and family, thinking about a picnic become something natural. We wanted a lot of colour, and no tables- so people could move anywhere they wanted- cushions, carpets, blankets. 


We made a bunch of things, helped, of course by Katinka and her family. As a present for the guests, we made homemade jams (we spent all year sterilising and boiling fruit on Sundays). We also decorated it with flower cloths cut by us and stuck all the labels on by hand. We bought all the picnic baskets and all the umbrellas for the girls and the hats for the boys so they could have cover from the sun. In the baskets, apart from the cutlery, we put a translated menu in Italian and Spanish with some fun sentences in both languages. We wrote a welcome letter for each guest. We printed some photos of our relatives and friends for lots of memories and bought a Polaroid camera so all the guests could give us a memory with photos from the party. I made the ring holder, embroidering in a piece of linen and I framed it with a wooden frame. To sum up- we tried to do everything because we wanted people to feel like they were at home. The most important thing for us was the attention to our guests, with everything exuding love and kindliness. Even my dress was made by a good friend and the jewellery by my older brother.


Annamma: It’s very difficult to choose only a few ones. I spent the whole day as if I was in a fairytale. Everything was fantastic. Its such a unique feeling, bringing together all the people that love you and seeing their emotions, especially when your family came from another country to stay with you on such special day. Having my grandparents there was awesome! Of course, the moment I saw Manu at the first look was also a highlight.  Entering the ceremony aisle on my father’s arm was so emotional. I was a mess!

Manu: It’s very difficult but I think that was the first time we went down the staircase at the back of the masía, where the picnic took place. When you arrive at the top of the stairs, you’ve got a perfect vision of the scene and seeing all my friends and relatives fully in the moment, was an experience so different and personal.


Enjoy all the preparation, because each moment is unique. I was saving cuts, ideas and photos and I made and album with everything. And above all- do not panic! Everything can be fixed even you can’t take control of it all. The day will be awesome.”

Photography: F2Studio | Venue: L’Avellana  | Florals: 5 Floristería Mood Shop | Wedding Dress: Alba Navarro Mas | Hairpiece: Samuel Roncen | Bride’s Shoes: Windsor Smith | Rings: Marta Oms Jeweler & Gemmologist | Hair & Makeup: Sara Cela | Groom’s Shoes: Converse | Catering: Molí del Mallol | Music: Sergi Corredor Fando | Band: Zapping Trio






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