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Your wedding day is all about you (and your hubby-to-be of course…) but there’s also been some very important people to consider. Those who have stood by your side during all the tears, tantrums and tiara tribulations.

Your bridal party, bridesmaids, maid of honor, mother, mother-in-law, flower girls…your wedding wouldn’t be the same without them. They spent hours watching you try on 278 different versions of the same dress, endured your nagging about them not doing enough but then snapping the moment they tried to help, and never uttered a word about it. To show your appreciation and offer a huge bundle of thanks, why not present them with a special gift on your big day?

Whilst you could settle for a card, that doesn’t quite match the level of commitment and devotion they will have shown to ensure you’re the most blushing bride in all the land. The following personalised gifts from Bags of Love are truly unique, and prove to your bridal party just how appreciative you are.


Mother of the Bride: Small Purse

from £29.00

Your mother is one of a kind, and since you were born she’s nurtured you and taught you love. On the happiest day of your life, let her know that she’s still your number one. Treat her to a soft real Italian leather or patent vinyl small purse, perfect for her lipstick, mirror and other handbag essentials. It’s a classic, timeless gift, just like the love and endless support a mother can give you.


Bridesmaids: Compact Mirrors

from £15.00


Make sure that your bridesmaids’ beautiful makeup and hair remains in place throughout the day and gift them with these gorgeous personalised mirrors. You never know when there might be some blustery winds or a spot of rain, but these compact pocket mirrors will save your bridesmaids from walking around with mascara smudges or stray wet hair.


Maid of Honor: Kimono

from £69.00


Without your Maid of Honor, would this wedding even have happened? Okay, yes, it might have still gone ahead, but you wouldn’t have had a hen do or a constant shoulder to cry on. This girl has talked sense into you in times of despair, made sure you didn’t overdo the bridezilla and more importantly, been your best friend. To acknowledge her Maid of Honor duties, treat her to a gorgeous bespoke silk kimono to make her feel beautiful inside and out.


Mother-in-Law: Silver Tin

from £14.50

Keep it traditional for your husband-to-be’s mother and personalise a cute, pocket sized tin. Not only is it practical, but it’s more a symbol of two family units coming together and starting a chapter in unison. The empty tin represents a new start, waiting to be filled with memories, laughter and love. It might not be a huge gift, but the gesture speaks volumes.


Bags of Love is a personalised gift and clothing brand that enables people to print their memories onto 450+ products. From blankets and bedding to kitchenware and clothes, you can create a gift for any occasion. Get creative using your own photos, designs, text or the Bags of Love image library.



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