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I have been absolutely dying to show you these shoes from Charla Tedrick for ages. When I was organising our Prom Night editorial, seen here on Bespoke Bride, I spied the amazing Blaire platforms (a pastel blue, perfectly kitschy platform that just screamed ’70s prom to me) and I asked to borrow them. Alas, I had left it too late to battle things like shipping times, but lovely Charla sent over the equally showstopping Lucille and Diamonds & Guns (loving the names!!) for our upcoming pretty punk editorial.

When they arrived, the team was blown away with how sexy fit cool amazing they were. Lucille has flowers in a clear heel, for crying out loud!!

I knew this was a brand that you all had to hear about. So here is Charla to tell you in her own words all about it!

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A Bit About My Brand and Me

My name is Char Tedrick — designer and owner of Charla Tedrick Footwear, wifey, pupmommy and rock ‘n’ roller. I’ve been in the fashion industry for more than ten years, designing products in nearly every category, from graphic tees sold at Urban Outfitters and worn by celebrities such as Russell Brand and Miranda Lambert, to working under Betsey Johnson in New York City, designing a shoe collaboration for Jeffrey Campbell x Hello Kitty, and starting an in-house design program from the ground up for popular e-commerce website Dolls Kill.

After a lifetime of dreaming and scheming, I took the leap and resigned from my comfortable salaried job in the summer of 2016 to follow my dream of starting my own company. ‘Charla Tedrick’ is the namesake, collectible, speciality rock ‘n’ roll footwear brand that my whole career and life has been leading up to.

My first collection, a rock ‘n’ roll bridal exclusive, launched in February of 2017, with my fall/holiday main line collection about to start production any day now, and scheduled for a late August 2017 launch.


Why do you do what you do?

I really believe that some people are born to run their own business. I don’t think it can be taught and not everyone ‘has it’. But if you do ‘have it,’ it’s impossible to ignore. You find yourself impossible to satisfy when working for other people… You feel you’re working for THEIR dreams when you really want to be working for your own. I have always felt this was me, but didn’t know if I had the resources, or really the guts, to go for it. With the support and encouragement of my husband and family this past year, I DID IT! It hasn’t been a walk in the park, but I’m incredibly glad that I took the path I did.

I’ve definitely spent a fair share of time dabbling in different sectors of the fashion industry. I found years ago that I really loved working in footwear, but it wasn’t until the last handful of years that I really started to get clarity on the fact that I wanted to put my future focus there. It’s just so FUN! What woman doesn’t have at least a small obsession with shoes!? They’re like trophies for us. Even if we wear them once, we covet them like collectibles, and that’s exactly what I want to continue creating for as long as possible.


Why Charla Tedrick Footwear is perfect for Way Out Wedding readers

Charla Tedrick is for the pretty rebels and leaders of the pack! If you’re looking for something safe and quiet, this is probably not the brand for you. If you’re looking to make a statement, make a scene, make a ruckus, any and or all of the above, we’re gonna get along just fine.

Teaming up with Way Out Wedding has been a no-brainer! We’re both reaching out to those who colour outside the lines and have the desire to put their own personal stamp on their best day ever. Hopefully we can help.


What are you most proud of in your business so far?

There really are so many things. Each day that I wake up and come sit down at my office to get started, I’m somewhat in disbelief that this is my life. I think just taking that big initial step is one of the things I’m most proud of. Anyone who’s done it (or has been trying to), knows how incredibly scary that step can be. It is quite risky, and could be a huge mistake. But you’ll never know if you don’t try. And if it were easy, EVERYONE WOULD DO IT!

I recently went to my first shoe show and was really proud of getting through that experience. It can be incredibly intimidating walking into that kind of setting with a bunch of huge brand names and seasoned sales vets. I put one platform in front of the other, had a great showing, and will never have to go through that first time experience again.


Do you have a tip or hint for those getting married?

Try to be in the moment! It’s so easy to get flustered with so much going on. Despite what anyone says, I also feel it’s totally okay to sweat the small stuff. After all, this is one of the biggest days of your life and probably something you’ve been fantasising about for YEARS. It’s okay to be specific, particular and know what you want. But do try to keep in mind the bigger picture, and don’t let the little stuff take away from the memories you’re going to have for the rest of your life.


A Special Offer for Way Out Wedding Readers!

Way Out Wedding readers take a special 15% discount on all orders using the code ‘CTWOW’ at the checkout!

Fun Q&A!

The couple that orders my shoes is… I’ve actually seen an incredibly wide range of customers. Generally speaking, it’s someone who likes to have fun with fashion, enjoys novelty and the collectibility aspect.


My design inspirations come from… Everywhere! Most of my ideas just come from my head. But I can come up with a concept of a shoe, or even a whole collection, from just seeing a fabric or a trim… some kind of funky hardware piece. Where I do NOT seek inspiration… Other designers. Trend websites. Supposed fashion forecasting. Who are you to say what’s gonna be cool a year from now? Are YOU even cool?! What does cool even MEAN?! And if ‘greenery’ is the ‘colour of the year,’ are we all going to drink the Kool-Aid and design collections full of GREENERY so everything looks the same and customers have absolutely no variety!? It’s so silly. I design products that I think are clever and aesthetically pleasing to ME. Not everyone’s going to like it, and that’s totally fine. But I’ve found a lot of people do, which is amazing. I’m just gonna keep doing what I like because the minute I start designing what other people think I should, I might as well quit and go work for someone else’s company.


I set up my business because… It was something I always dreamt of doing since I was very young. I’d spent many years getting positive feedback from my ideas and my design work, having products I designed in huge retailers across the world, but never being able to walk away from the experience with anything at all… no recognition of any kind, no monetary gain, and often feeling somehow empty as a result. I started to really entertain the idea, and figure out how it could work, to start my own brand and own company. I created a picture in my mind of what my whole life looked like – business, family, future, and have just started chipping away at making all of those ideas come to fruition. So far so good!


The next adventure for my business is… I’m really excited for the release of my next collection, Fall/Holiday 2017 — available this August. While it was fun to start with the bridal collection, I’m anxious to share this collection that is truly my bread and butter: funky, rad, rock ‘n’ roll footwear that is special, but still everyday. I really think it’s gonna go over well, and I can’t wait to show you guys!


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