Christmas DIY Tutorial: Christmas Table Arrangement with Campbell’s Flowers

This afternoon I have something rather special for you. As it’s Christmas week I have a series of Christmas related articles for you starting off with this rather fabulous Christmas DIY, courtesy of our resident flower expert, Tracey from Campbell’s Flowers.

A couple of weeks ago Tracey invited me over to her brand new studio, to show me around and also teach me how to make this gorgeous Christmas table arrangement. We do love a DIY tutorial here at Boho HQ and we especially love them when we can do them ourselves! So I spent a lovely afternoon with Tracey creating this gorgeous arrangement, which has taken pride of place in my house. After 2 weeks it is still going strong. The arrangement was really fun to put together (I may have found my calling as a budding florist!) and it was lovely to have a good look around Tracey’s new studio.

Thanks so much to Tracy for taking the time out of her busy day, you are as always a delight to work with and a true inspiration.


For this design you will need:

  • Florists foam
  • A florists plastic tray
  • 2 tapered candles
  • Cocktails sticks
  • Floristry ‘pot’ tape
  • A selection of foliage such as eucalyptus, pine etc
  • Flowers!  We used some snowy twigs, a few stems of wax flower, 2-3 stems of lisianthus, scabious seed pods, sparkly thistles

Step by Step instructions

Step 1:  Soak your foam – it’s best not to poke it or push it into a sink full of water, just let it sink to the bottom, that way you know it’s soaked fully.

Step 2:  Strip the bottom of  your foliage making sure you have a clean stem of around 1.5 cms to push into the foam.

Step 3: Secure three cocktail sticks to the end of each of your candles to help anchor them into your foam. Push the candles into your foam.

Step 4: Start ‘greening up’ your design by adding your foliage at an upwards angle so that your greenery flows downwards and covers your foam.  Do this all the way around the outer edges of your floral foam.

Step 5: Continue to add different foliage to create texture throughout the design.

Step 6: Choose your flower combination and start to add the flowers throughout your design making sure that they are evenly distributed and that you don’t have all the same blooms in one place.

Step 7:  Once you have covered all your foam you can add any nice Christmassy bits and pieces to your design – Kelly chose these really natural pine cones and some pretty birch twigs too.

Our thanks to Kelly for coming along to our studio to create a pretty design for her Christmas table.

If you’d like to have a try at creating your own masterpiece, why not pop along to our YouTube channel for lots of handy hints or check out our Flower School on the website, where you’ll find all our upcoming dates.



We are really thrilled to be sharing our big update from Team Campbell’s HQ, as we’ve moved premises and finally have our very own studio space! Hurrah!

As the Floral Expert here at Boho, we really wanted to share our news with you all and show Kelly around our new pad. Thanks so much Kelly, for coming to hang out with us and have a bit of a sneak peek into what our new space is all about.

If you’ve followed our journey at all on Kelly’s wonderful blog (we’ve been fortunate enough to have featured in Boho since our early days) you might know that Campbell’s Flowers are a Sheffield-based Wedding Florist. I first started the business after a decade of retail floristry working for others. Wanting to focus more on weddings and corporate events, and not wanting the grueling overheads of a shop I first began making my designs from a small workroom in my home.

As we quickly expanded, and took on lovely employees, we soon moved to a shared studio space in Sheffield City Centre. We loved working there, but as we continued to grow and our work literally became bigger we knew deep down that we needed more. So when a studio unit came up at the Albyn Works in Sheffield’s Kelham Island we went to look around and fell in love.
As you might be able to tell from our super new shiny photos of our studio (Thank you Danni from Maytree Photography!) , our new space has everything we could have dreamt of, and more.

Behind our freshly painted, gleaming black façade, we have a dreamy space of Tardis–like proportions. Nestled at the very back and bedecked by beautiful botanical illustrations galore we have our oasis of calm, our very own happy place- the work area. With worktops aplenty and more than enough space for all the blooms needed for even the most luxurious or regal of weddings (just saying, Megan and Harry!) it is a complete treat to work in.


As always you can find Campbell’s Flowers in a number of ways

Website, Instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, YouTube Unit 117, Albyn Works, Percy Street, Kelham Island, Sheffield, S3 8BT


Happy Christmas all

Much love, T xx


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