Colourful Trash the Dress at Derelict Power Station

Modern romance is kind of our whole vibe here at Way Out Wedding, so when we saw this edgy take on the ‘trash my dress’ theme, we fell a little bit in love. Shot in a derelict power station in Lancashire (bringing a plethora of new meanings to powerful imagery and the powerhouse suppliers behind this shoot), it’s a middle finger to tradition and a celebration of exhilirating newlywed romance. Who says you can’t spend your honeymoon period throwing a smokebomb at your wedding day outfit?

This shoot is deliciously gritty. The raw elements, graffiti’ed walls and some badass braids to complete the look make it perfect for the modern Way Out Bride, who’s looking to push boundaries, maybe push buttons and who isn’t afraid to go all out.



The Story of the Shoot

 Gemma McAuley was the creative mastermind behind the shoot and behind the lens:
“The aim of the shoot was to demonstrate an edgier view on a trash the dress shoots. With lots of brides choosing to cherish their dress through more romantic ways, we wanted to show how a couple could still show their love, but through a more vibrant and quirky way in a fun environment. If the couple chose a more traditional wedding, this could also be a way of capturing a more alternative side to them.
“We wanted to create a look that was modern and edgy with lots of colour and texture, so we chose the derelict power station for its urban feel. It was fully open to the elements, which added to its character, and the colourful graffiti walls perfectly complemented the vibrant look we wanted to create.
“This shoot was created with today’s modern bride in mind: someone who is looking to create something alternative that will stand out from the crowd, who’s not afraid to go all out and wants push boundaries creatively. As such, we wanted to showcase the trend for pre-loved wedding dresses in a different light. Although a bride may be reluctant to ‘trash’ their own dress, a preloved dress could be a great alternative. Kate’s Bridal Room is a recently opened boutique, and together we decided to create the shoot.
“Having discussed the location and its urban feel, make-up artist Leanne choose a vibrant make-up with strong colours to complement the graffiti, powder paint and smoke bombs. Sam went with edgy, bang-on-trend braids and a rough tousled look. Non-bridal, but totally suiting the theme.

(Sidenote: TOTALLY awesome make-up – we love it in all of its fierceness!)


“I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside all of these talented wedding suppliers featured in the past on various shoots and weddings, so I knew we’d be able to create something completely special together. We’re all local to one another, as well, which made planning even easier!


“To recreate this look, all you need is your wedding dress or even a preloved one like we used – some boutiques supply them for as little as £50! – lots of creativity, and a few awesome suppliers. Ask your photographer who they normally work alongside and together create an amazing look that will WOW everyone. We used lots of colour in our shoot, which you can recreate by combining bright blooms with powder paint and smoke bombs. Finish off your look with a brighter coloured make-up and even a bit of glitter, as we did, and for hair go with a look that is unkempt and wild.”



Florist | Ewood Florist
Cupcakes | Finch Bakery
Real couple | Laura & Chris

The Gallery

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