Confetti Confession

Confetti Confession

9 Briony & Bernie - The Great Barn Devon.

Confession – We are massive fans of the confetti photo opportunity! We love the expression on the couples’ faces and the techniques applied when trying to get the confetti to land just in the right place at the right time!

Weddings are extremely personal – every bride and groom will have their own ideas on what to do and why, but certain traditions will appear in every wedding (well certainly, every one we’ve hosted over the years), no matter how unique and bespoke the plans are.

We have been throwing little paper shapes at the happy couple for centuries and the tradition of confetti goes as far back as the middle ages in Northern Italy, where it was thrown to bestow prosperity and fertility upon the bride and groom.

It’s vital for the environment that confetti is now made from biodegradable or natural products with more and more of our couples opting for rice, or petals. If you choose flowers there are lots of wonderful, inspirational companies who can put together confetti that perfectly fits your colour schemes and the bonus is, it smells wonderful too!

We are also starting to see more bird-friendly confetti too, with people opting to throw seeds. Whatever you are thinking please do check with your venue first to make sure there are no restrictions.

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