Cutty Sark Nautical Fine Art Wedding Inspiration

Beautiful fine art bridal inspiration with a touch of drama, inspired by Turner’s oil paintings and swirling skies, aboard the Cutty Sark in Greenwich. 

Cutty Sark Wedding London Inspiration Shoot by Natasha Hurley Photography

You’ll have by now seen my post on some of my ‘hidden’ places in London to enjoy, and one of them being Greenwich, an area that I’m really fond of in London. 

Steeped in history and nautical inspiration, one of the main attractions to Greenwich is the Cutty Sark. A 19th century legendary British (tea) clipper ship, that recently underwent a huge restoration after a fire, and you may or may not realise but it’s actually an event space and a wedding venue!

This beautiful fine art nautical editorial shoot, inspired by painter Turner’s swirling skies and a touch of drama inspired by the novel Jamaica Inn, offers such gorgeous soft painterly inspiration with a wonderful historic backdrop. You almost wouldn’t believe it was London would you? I love how you can see the tall city skyscrapers in the distance, reminding you of the urban backdrop. 

With a focus on the craft and history of the boat, the details tied together perfectly; handwritten notes, a tea station, the dining table with pastel flowers and patterned teacups, a delicate but stunning cake and of course the incredible dresses that got swept away by the breeze….

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