Dreamy Wild Ombre Inspired Bridal Shoot!

Wild Ombre Inspired Bridal Shoot!0038This was such a dream team and complete team effort. I knew I wanted to organise a bridal styled shoot, but I am a makeup artist and not a wedding planner. I went into planning this shoot wanting everyone’s ideas and creativeness heard. I wanted something unique in the sense of standing out and not being too traditional. I also wanted nature to have a voice, be involved and a free spirit to be seen. I knew instinctively that I wanted the dress to have a different approach to bridal wear and set the shoot apart from anything else commonly seen. No traditional white dresses! Jessica Turner did an amazing job by designing and creating her signature corset ‘Calla Lilly’ to which we added a separate skirt that was layered and dip dyed in pink. I loved the combination of hard and soft and we grew our concept from there. I wanted to create something rustic and wild yet playful and soft with a romantic ease. Non-traditional, with blush as the base, mixed with nature and some elegance.

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