Elegant Swedish Winter Wedding in Pink

Sarah and Jimmy met at Christmas dinner. Their dream wedding was a “celebration of the love we found, with the ones we love”. Their beautiful day took place on a Hälsingland farm in Sweden and features the most elegant incorporation of pink into their wedding palette. Check out Sarah’s sublime pink gown, and the warm winter light fits so perfectly into their palette. Linda Pauline captured their special day with a delicate flair. 

“We met during the classic Christmas dinner. We were presented to each other through a mutual friend. Politely, we shook hands although it felt as if everyone could see the sparks between us. When the dinner was over, I franticly tried to find the man I just met on social media but with no success. I gave up, figuring he was probably taken anyway- not a chance this gorgeous man was single! Little did I know he was also trying to find me online. When he couldn’t find me he thought I had left him intentionally with the wrong surname. We met again during a night out with friends a few months later. That night we exchanged numbers and since that evening we haven’t left each others side for a day. Four years on, we now live in our newly renovated house with our two, gorgeous girls. Our dream is to own our own Hälsingland farm. Where the walls and floors aren’t straight, with endless and warm, welcoming space for family and friends. And on the list of dreams was to wed by beautiful man in beautiful Hälsingland, Sweden, with Linda Pauline as our very own wedding photographer and the best party in her wedding lodge shared with friends and family. A celebration for the love we found, with the ones we love.”

Photography: Linda Pauline | Venue: Koppars | Jewellery: Lily & Rose

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