Expert Ideas On What To Expect At A Wedding Make Up Trial

Who better than to ask on what to expect at a wedding make up trial than a bridal make up artist? This is the reason why Style & the Bride recently caught up with Victoria Farr for her expert opinion.

What to expect at a wedding make up trial

Without a doubt, it is daunting for any woman to have her make up applied by a complete stranger. This might be simply because you have been ‘scarred for life’ from some previous experience or you have absolutely zero clue on how to enhance your own beautiful features.

For one, it is such a personal thing to have done and choosing the right make up artist is super important. It is therefore important to take on board personal recommendations, check out their testimonials and their portfolio online.  I also highly encourage my clients to chat with me before hand so they hear the voice ‘behind the name’.

wedding make up trial

Victoria Farr hard at work applying make up. Remember to enjoy your wedding make up trial.

What happens next…

So, you’ve chosen the right person for you and it’s now time for your trial, so let me help you ease into the process of your first interaction with your artist.

Prior to the trial, you may have been asked to put together some ideas for your styling. This is helpful for the artist to see what your thoughts are and work on your overall wedding day look together.  Please do be mindful when looking at images of make up you like that they may have been edited. It also important to appreciate that this person will have a different skin tone, face shape and eye shape.  In addition, it is impossible to recreate another artists work. I have yet to meet any creative who feels comfortable doing this.

Ordinarily, your wedding make up trial or consultation appointment is to be carried out 10/12 weeks before the wedding. By this time ,you will have some firm ideas on your wedding day look. Hopefully all the skin care prep you have done so far will be working wonderfully well.

wedding make up trial

The beautiful Gemma getting ready for her glamorous wedding. Her make up artist was Gary Cockerill. Photograph by Robert Shack.

Make up or no make up?

If you can meet your artist with your normal day make up, this is helpful for them to see what you feel happy with when going out for the day.  

Pinterest crazy

I love Pinterest as much as the next person, however, the majority of the images have been heavily edited (skin smoothing, eye stretching, colour changes to name a few), so let your artist be inspired. Please don’t ask them to imitate as it’s near impossible.


Discussing your skin care regime and areas of concern are a must. Talk about any allergies you have to certain products to ensure the make up artist uses the right products for you. The make up artist can also discuss the best products that will ensure longevity on the wedding day and won’t cause any skin reactions.

Be honest

Talk about your likes and dislikes, this will allow everyone to be on the same page. It is OK to be honest with the outcome. Your make up artist wants to achieve your desired look and wants you to be happy.

wedding make up trial

The stunning bride Kristi. Her hair and make up was by Natalie Anne. Photograph by Blumenthal Photography. Kristi and Steve had a fairytale wedding in Sydney, Australia.

Don’t be scared

It’s just make up! If it’s not quite right, tweaks can be made. Make up can also be removed if you don’t like it. However, based on the information provided during the consultation, this should not happen.


If everything has been agreed then, the next time you will see one another is the wedding day.  If you have any further questions following the trial, do get in touch with your artist so they can be aware of any changes ahead of the big day.

Remember to enjoy your wedding make up trial, this is all part of your experience!


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