Featured Post: ASOS Have Done It Again!

Good morning you lovely lot

This will be a brief one this morning, but I just had to share with you!

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I am always always looking at the latest fashions within the wedding industry, obviously! Apart from it being my job, I adore it! I also get a little cross with myself for wanting to get married again because I have found another ‘THE’ dress, but thats by the by.

On my internet travels, I always tend to check out what the High Street is up to as well.  Unfortunately, we don’t all have the budget to spend thousands on a dress, or maybe the money you have will be prioritised elsewhere.  Whatever the reason, its bloody wonderful that you can now get such gorgeous gowns on the high street.

The fashion thats really caught my eye this year is the cropped top with a gorgeous full skirt, heavy on the lace, and just so amazing.  As I have just had a baby (ok ok ok, it was over two years ago, but Im not ready to stop eating yet!) I am on the chunkier side.  Not the end of the world, but it does mean that I often look at these styles and wish I was smaller in order to be able to pull something like the cropped gown off.

Well, if you’re like me, worry not more! Not only has ASOS created a gorgeous version of the cropped gown, but its in Plus Sizes, so it is that little bit longer on the top, but still gives the look of crop.

Don’t listen to me though – have a look yourself.  An absolutely steal at £120, this gorgeous dress goes up to a size 28! Thank you ASOS!

ASOS Crop Wedding Dress £120 1 ASOS Crop Wedding Dress £120

Turns out you can have your cake and eat it! x

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