Featured Post: Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 – Ultra Violet

Morning you lovely lot

I love December for many reasons; gorgeous jumpers, wooly scarves, festiveness all round.  But another reason, is that Pantone release their Colour of the Year, allowing us lot in the wedding industry to get our creative juices flowing!

So after last years ‘Greenery‘, which I was massively unimpressed by until I looked further into it then I fell completely in love with it! So, I was so excited to really enjoy this new, exciting colour.  

Then the ammouncement came.

So excited!

Ultra Violet,

What!?!?! I was so disappointed! I imagine lots of cadbury coloured weddings over the next 12 months. 

BUT!!!!! I should have had more faith, because as soon as I started looking, I completely fell in love with it. Its gorgeous and matches with so many shades! But I won’t be talking about what it matches with today, just letting these images speak for themselves in order to inspire you as well.


Colour Inspiration Banner Ultra Violet

UV Flowers UV Table Setting UV Wedding ONE FAB DAYImage from One Fab Day

UV Pantone swatch UV Head Dress UV Hair WEDDING CHICKSImage from Wedding Chicks

UV Guest or BM UV Groom UV Cake UV Button holes UV Bouquet

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