Finding Your Wedding Confidence

Many people struggle feeling confident each day, and if that’s something you battle with, you might be worried about lack of confidence on your wedding day. However, your wedding day is such an important day for you, so you should be feeling your absolute best. Finding your confidence, especially on such a hectic day, can be quite difficult, so here are some tips on how you can find your confidence for your big day.

Surround yourself with people you love

Many couples feel pressure to have large weddings and invite family members and acquaintances that they’re not even close to. If you instead focus your guest list on people who truly know you well and whose company you enjoy, you’ll feel much better about who you’ll be surrounded by on your wedding day. This goes for your bridal party as well. If you’re around people with positive energies and who will bring you up instead of tear you down, you’ll be in a much better and confident mood. Also, these people should be willing to help out so you can enjoy yourself. Weddings can be stressful and hectic, but if you can share responsibilities with your loved ones, everything that needs to be done won’t be at the forefront of your mind.

Finding your wedding confidence

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Stay true to yourself

Wedding trends come and go, but it can be easy to give into the pressure to have your wedding a certain way. However, if you don’t find that these trends match the style and personality of you and your partner, don’t force it. Pinterest and blogs are a huge source of inspiration, but instead of widely searching for wedding ideas, narrow your search down to a certain style that speaks to you, such as “boho wedding”. If your wedding is more you, you’ll feel more confident and won’t have to conform to a wedding that’s not really yours.


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Take care of your mind and body

Often, our confidence comes from looking and feeling amazing. Create a health and beauty routine to take care of your body and make any improvements you’ve been hoping to achieve before your wedding. For example, if you’ve been having troubles getting clear skin and that’s bringing down your self-esteem, look into acne solutions specific to your needs, such as a new spot treatment. Don’t forget to share these tips with the groom, either! If he’s found that something such as thinning hair has been bringing down his confidence, perhaps trying a solution such as Finasteride will help. It’s important to focus on taking time to stay healthy mentally as well. Whatever changes you do make, make sure that they’re changes that make you happy and feel your best.


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Keep things in perspective

Overall, try not to be in your head too much on your wedding day. Remember – this is your special day and you should be enjoying yourself. Don’t take it all too seriously. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy this time with your partner and loved ones. If you don’t overthink things, you’ll naturally relax and feel more confident in yourself and your wedding. You won’t want to look back on your wedding and remember it as a stressful, chaotic day. Slow down, relax, and trust that you’ve put enough planning and work in already so you can truly appreciate this day.


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