Get a Picture Perfect Wedding

It’s safe to say, we all want to have the most picture perfect wedding; we want to be able to look at the snaps and feel pride and joy at how we look, how our partner looks and how the whole wedding scene has turned out. Getting picture perfect snaps of your wedding doesn’t just happen; it begins with selection of the right photographer…for your theme.


Getting this correct is really key because if the photographer you choose doesn’t match your expectations, you have then hit a stumbling block right away. For example, you might wish to immerse yourself in your day and you have zero desire to stand for endless photograph after photograph. You might prefer a more informal approach and wish for photographs of you as you mingle and enjoy the proceedings. You could also be the opposite end of things and are intent on getting set photographs of particular groups for example, you and your partner with your grandparents; with your work colleagues and so on. This means working through a list to ensure you get everything you want and requires a more formal approach.


All this can be ironed out with a photographer and they are used to dealing with concerns and requests like these but you need to make the approach clear to them so they know what to deliver. The guys over at Loyes Diamonds have put together this info graphic which highlights some key areas to consider for the photographs element of your wedding. Check it out to make things clearer in your head to ensure you know what you want and need from the wedding images; it will be one less concern on your big day if you are confident that your photographer is getting exactly what you want!



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