Gin, bunting and a very yellow kilt

With just over a month to go, Morgan is ticking things off her list at an amazing rate, while quietly freaking out (we’ve been there!). Luckily, Frazer is on hand to help settle her pre-wedding worries. And the gin-fuelled bunting night may have helped too…

“I can’t believe we’re actually going to be hitting the one-month-to-go milestone on Wednesday; everything is really gathering pace now! The beauty of being an over-anxious bridezilla is that I sorted out all of the major elements for our big day very early on in the planning and all that’s left is the little fiddly bits like decorations, playlists for the drinks reception and actually paying for everything.

“Now I look at my Epic To-Do List and suddenly it’s only a page long! Unfortunately I think that might be why I’ve been getting this feeling of impending doom and knots in my stomach… It’s been pretty much plain sailing through our planning journey and I guess I just expected more things to go awry or to not be able to have everything the way that we wanted it, so now I’m just worrying myself that the closer we get to the wedding the more chance there is for issues to arise. What if the suppliers cancel or can’t make it? What if my dress still doesn’t fit me and it’s too close to the wedding to fix it? What if a fight or argument breaks out (not that I think our guests would, but it’s really not any less likely than Trossachs Nessie joining the wedding meal…)?

“Frazer, quite rightly, fixes me with one of those withering “Again with the unnecessary worry? Really?” stares of his, gives me a cuddle and tells me everything will be alright. And it will be, I do know that. We’re getting married and that’s the most important thing; if my dress doesn’t fit I’ll wear a pair of bloomin’ pjs if I have to.

“I admit that I really need to focus on trying to relax a bit before the big day. If anyone has any great relaxation tips, please send them my way!

“We have managed to sort quite a few big things out this month though, which has helped soothe me a little. Frazer’s yellow kilt has finally been picked up and it is glorious! I honestly didn’t expect to love it as much as I do, but he looks so handsome in it and although the yellow tartan is very, very yellow – he suits it. How buzzing am I to be marrying a guy who can pull off yellow tartan?! It’s now hanging proudly in our spare room (which I really should just call the ‘wedding room’ there’s so much wedding-related stuff in there) next to the bridesmaids’ dresses and I can’t wait to see him don it on our big day.

“Frazer’s ring has also finally arrived after the minor issue with it not fitting the first time. Y’see Frazer thought he was being clever and ordered his ring online. Makes sense so far, but did Frazer know his ring size? No. Did he just guess what it might be? Of course he did… Honestly, and he wonders why I’ve taken charge of planning our wedding!

“My favourite thing we’ve sort-of sorted this month though is the bunting! Yes, after months and months of postponing I finally sat down with the help of my Mum, Grandma and Chief Bridesmaid to sew our bunting together. I thought I’d done the hard part by painstakingly cutting out my hundred-odd fabric triangles with the pinking scissors, making sure they were all roughly the same size and I didn’t have any wonky ones, but oh I was wrong there!

“Now I won’t lie, there were copious amounts of wine and gin involved in our bunting night so that might have contributed, but could we get that sewing machine to work for us? No! My poor mum was doing most of the work while we were pinning the triangles to the bias binding in the background, but for some reason the thread just kept snapping and I don’t think we managed to sew more than 5 metres of bunting. Typical! What we did finish looks so good, though, that I’m actually not worried about it for once. We’ve pinned the rest of our triangles on, can take our time now getting the stupid sewing machine to work, and if all else fails I can always sew it together by hand. Easy peasy, chilled out as anything.

“Over the next month we need to focus on sorting the dreaded seating plan and tying up the last little bits and pieces. Frazer has been more involved in helping me with the planning in the last couple of months so I’ve no doubt that if we band together (like the married couple we’re soon to be) we’ll get everything sorted no bother.”

How ace does the bunting look? Go Team Morgan! And we can’t wait to see Frazer’s kilt… Christina x

Morgan & Frazer will be tying the knot in a Humanist ceremony at Altskeith Country House on Loch Ard, in the Trossachs, this September. They are planning “a riot of colourful tartan, hearts and bookish twists”.

Photos by Morgan and friends

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