Glittery, Allternative & Boho Bridal Inspiration – Jade Maguire Photography

Today on Marry Me Ink I get to share with you some bridal inspiration full of glitter and boho goodness from Jade Maguire Photography that took place at Allerton Towers in Liverpool. Jade’s planning of the shoot started by planning a low-key shoot that was aimed at the alternative bride, incorporating dark florals and beautiful woodland scenery.

The purpose of this styled shoot was to show how brides who want to wear something different, and be true to who they are, yet have a real low budget could style themselves for a small amount of money and still look AMAZING!

So I set myself up an epic Pinterest board and began searching for inspiration taken from my ideas and began creating this board. My Pinterest board started to grow and it was very clear that if you had tattoos you should be showing them off and flaunting them on your wedding day not covering them up like we quite often see. Tattoos are so personal and unique to you they should be worn with pride and should be appreciated with as much beauty as the person who owns this wonderful ink. 

The outfits we chose were aimed to appeal to the boho and the alternative brides, and the venue was selected because it was dark and mysterious, we found that the long leading corridor was so captivating – it was almost mesmerising. After all, have you seen how stunning Allerton Towers really is!? There’s something so comforting about a run down building, personally I am constantly drawn to older buildings but for this building, it was the idea of bringing a sense of life back into the place, these places always change from one week to the next as more decay sets in, and they should be captured and still be used to make amazing memories.. I truly wish you could actually get married here! 

The pink skirt – The Tulle that goes on for days, teamed effortlessly with a backless halterneck sequin crop top… Why!? – Because she’s so bloody cool, but also because who said you had to walk into a run of the mill bridal shop and wear a normal white dress?! Nobody! Selecting an outfit so true to who you are as an individual should be the way it’s done. And if you want to purchase a skirt and top in the sale from ASOS then that’s exactly what you should do! 

The flowers – Artifical woodland anemone with lots of green foliage, we chose artificial because i believe you should be able to look back at your bouquet for years to come, not watch it wither and die. it’s something pretty to look back on, and something that you’d cherish more, because you actually made it! 

We really thought outside the box to create something quite low key, with such a style punch for next to nothing, we also wanted to show that by doing a DIY style you can really let your inner passion show and transpire into everything you put into your wedding. In total we physically spent £150.00 (not including the Quartz crown kindly donated for the styled shoot) This proves that as a bride, you don’t have to break the bank on yourself to look amazing. Providing you be you, and be true to who you are, then you are going to be the shining beauty that you always deserve to be.

How gorgeous is this shoot? I love the dark woodland boho feel and I am in love with the sequin crop top and tulle skirt. The crystal crown from Moondome is heavenly. Thank you to Jade Maguire Photography for sharing this shoot with Marry Me Ink.


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