golden guidance: top tips from real brides up north

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As we find ourselves at this sensationally sunny mid-point of the year it’s time to reflect on the on the words of wisdom shared by the fabulous brides who have featured on the blog so far this year.

There is certainly nobody better to advise you on how to handle the run up, as well as the big day itself, than those who have been there, done that, said the ‘I dos’ and worn the Jimmy Choos. As such, we’ve picked out top 20 pearls of wisdom that we consider golden to assist you on your planning journey; from recruiting the right suppliers and avoiding a dress shopping crisis, to working as a dynamic duo and really making the day your own!

So readers, prepare to take note as these fully-fledged brides complete the following sentence – “My top tip to other Brides Up North would be…”

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Louise & Michael

Made for each other. An elegant wedding at Bowcliffe Hall in West Yorkshire – Louise & Michael

Louise says: Firstly, enjoy every minute of the planning as well as the big day. Don’t over think things. Set your budget but when you see something you really like, go for it. I think you can spend so much time scrutinising everything and it can take over your life. Secondly, don’t leave yourself too much to do in the last week before the wedding. The build-up was such good fun and we loved spending that time with our family and friends before the big day. We also used Brides Up North in the lead up to our wedding to help with the planning – I followed the Instagram account (and still do!) We also read the wedding blogs on the site as it is a great way to get ideas – and who doesn’t love to hear about other people’s wedding stories?! We used the online supplier directory as a sense check too.

Sarah & Phil

Roses & romance. A beautifully classic wedding at Worsley Park Marriott Hotel, Manchester – Sarah & Phil

Sarah says: Don’t stress about the little things; as long as there is good food, drink, dancing and good company you will have the best day regardless.

Rachael & Tom

Lilac & lace: A romantic summer wedding at Saltmarshe Hall – Rachael & Tom

Rachael says: Enjoy the process of organising the wedding as much as you can. It is such a busy and, at times, stressful experience worrying about making the right decisions and trying to keep everyone happy, but it is also a really special time and one that doesn’t last forever, so make the most of it. Ultimately, it’s your day and, as long as you do what makes you both happy, you can’t go wrong.

Jemma & David

Pretty blooms & antique gold. A wonderfully stylish wedding at Middleton Lodge – Jemma & David

Jemma says: Take your time and don’t get stressed! Start planning early and do bite sized tasks bit by bit so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Michael & Jessica

And…kiss! Rebecca Ingram for a romantic, rustic wedding at Combermere Abbey – Michael & Jessica

Jessica says: I would strongly recommend getting a venue decorator/stylist. It’s easy to think that it’s easier to do it yourself but it was so reassuring to know that we could enjoy the day before without worrying about centrepieces. Oh, and get married early – it gives you loads of time to chat to everyone!

Jen & Leigh

A winter’s love. A chic wedding at The Mansion, Leeds – Jen & Leigh

Jen says: Follow your gut and do what feels right for the two of you. Make sure you push to have an occasion that is personal and keep it fun. Everyone says it, but the day itself goes so fast, take some time to be together and sit back for a minute to look around. The ceremony is the best bit, so don’t forget about it in the planning madness!

Nic & Kelly

I do in Choo: Catherine Deane for a garden-party wedding in the North West – Nic & Kelly

Nic says: Do everything together. People often say that planning a wedding is stressful. It’s as stressful as you choose it to be! Make all the decisions together, split the workload and be decisive.

Kathryn & Michael

A starry union: Allure Bridals for a pretty rural wedding at Healey Barn – Kathryn & Michael

Kathryn says: Don’t let the rain ruin your day! It rained all day on our wedding day, but it didn’t matter in the slightest. I’m so happy we decided to embrace the rain and head into the woods for some photographs, as these ended up being some of my favourite photos of the day. The rain makes everything look so fresh and the colours look so beautiful in our photos.

Emily & Tim

Where the heart is. A decadent wedding at Denton Hall, Yorkshire – Emily & Tim

Emily says: Get a wedding planner as they are well worth the money. They keep you on track and have great recommendations; they know what suppliers you can trust and also help to keep everything on track on the day of the wedding itself. I am an extremely organised person so thought I could do it on my own, but my husband convinced me we needed a planner and I am so thankful he did!

Stacey & Andy

Seasonal bliss. Savannah Miller for an effortlessly gorgeous wedding at Holmes Mill – Stacey & Andy

Stacey says: Do a speech! Even if it’s a couple of minutes, you won’t regret it. Andy’s tip for grooms, is to arrive at the church with plenty of time to greet guests and get in the right headspace. The morning is so manic and seems to last minutes not hours, so you don’t want to feel flustered.

PJ & Roisin

Emerald Isle chic. An elegant wedding at Tinakilly Country House in Ireland – Roisin & PJ

Roisin says: The photos will be what’s left at the end of it all, so get a good photographer and even if you don’t like having pictures taken – make sure to get plenty!

Suzanne & Bevan

Foliage & finery: Elizabeth Gregory Couture for a Tudor inspired wedding at Samlesbury Hall – Suzanne & Bevan

Suzanne says: Use small businesses as suppliers. The attention to detail and time they take is incredible. It also means you get much more of a personal/unique feel to your wedding. The main thing people have said to me following our wedding is “it was so personal to you guys” and that makes all the planning/co-ordinating worthwhile. I did also look at Brides Up North when planning to steal some ideas. The real weddings section is great because it shows ideas that are attainable. I found some of the Pinterest ideas beautiful but impossible!

Grainne & Justin

City centre elopement: A secret wedding in Manchester – Grainne & Justin

Grainne says: There is no right or wrong when it comes to planning a wedding celebration, so do what works for you. Apart from the legalities, there are no rules; your day can be anything you want it to be.

Madelaine & Jack

Urban luxe. A winter’s wedding at Victoria Warehouse, Manchester – Madelaine & Jack

Madelaine says: Try your best to enjoy the planning process and savour it, otherwise it can seem like just one long ‘to do’ list. We often sat and sent emails to suppliers with a big glass of red wine or took a laptop to our favourite cafes to make it seem like more of a treat. Also, trust the professionals, as they have done a million weddings and know how to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day.

Fi & Kev

It’s uncomplicated. An intimate wedding in the Lake District – Fi & Kev

Fi says: Follow your heart. Don’t follow expectations if it’s not what you want – we didn’t and couldn’t have been happier with our day.

Julia & Jonathan

New Year nuptials: Morilee for winter celebrations at Wood Hall Hotel, West Yorkshire – Julia & Jonathan

Julia says: When buying a wedding dress, don’t feel pressured to purchase if you’re not 100% happy. Not every girl knows what style of dress she wants – don’t feel bad for feeling this way! Every good shop should let you try on your dress, go away and then return to try it on again to ensure you’re happy.

Claire & Ross

Boho vibes. Maggie Sottero for an alternative boho wedding at Dunedin Country House – Claire & Ross

Claire says: Do what you can yourself. We actually enjoyed making things. You don’t need to spend millions for a wedding to be perfect – we kept it simple and stuck to what we wanted; a mix of traditional and our individual style. Brides definitely need a good bridesmaid squad too – and I had the best!

Laura & Alex

The colour of love. Maggie Sottero for a minimalist wedding in the North West – Laura & Alex

Laura says: Prowl Instagram, as I can honestly say without this we would not have found most of our wonderful suppliers. Try and find suppliers who have worked at your venue previously, they’ll know how to get the best out of the place for you.

Abigail & Ashley

Falling for you. An understated wedding in East Yorkshire – Abigail & Ashley

Abigail says: Be organised in the early stages, even down to taking labels and tickets off the suits and dresses and organising confetti. I just kept things extremely simple so that it meant I had zero stress for the six-week run up to the big day and even the few days before; I’ve never been so chilled in my life.

Heather & Steve

Sweet loving. A summer’s wedding at Mirfield Monastery, West Yorkshire – Heather & Steve

Heather says: Remember why you are there. The most important thing, at the end of the day, is that you are married to your best friend. No one is going to remember that you spelt Hakuna Matata wrong in the order of service (oops!). Everyone is there to celebrate your marriage, rather than your wedding.


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