Helping Your Guests to Enter into the Spirit of Your Alternative Wedding

It is great that people now feel that they can have the wedding they really want. Gone are the days when everyone’s photos of their special day looked very similar. Today, it is far easier for brides and grooms to choose a unique theme for their wedding. Venues are increasingly prepared to be flexible and are starting to cater better for couples who want to hold an alternative wedding. It is also now far easier to buy vintage wedding dresses and suits that reflect every style you can think of.


Usually, the bride and groom have a very clear vision of what they want their wedding day to be like. They are fans of a particular style, which they fully understand. So, for them, working out what they are going to wear and how the venue will be decorated is easy.

But, for some of their guests things are not so easy. Usually, close friends are also fans of the style the bride and groom like, so they automatically know how to dress to fit in. But, for some relatives getting ideas for wedding outfits that are suitable and will fit in with your theme could be really difficult. Plus, of course, they may not feel comfortable about dressing in a way that is radically different from what they are used to wearing.


That is why most couples take the approach of telling their guests the theme of their wedding and encouraging them to join in but also stating that traditional wedding guest attire is also OK. There are some great examples of how you could convey this fact on your wedding invitations available on this page. Usually, your guests will do their best to please you. They may not go the whole way and hire vintage clothes or an outfit that 100% reflects the theme of your wedding. But, many will change the way they dress a bit to try to fit in with your theme, for example, by wearing a shirt that the reflects the relevant era. 

With the right support, many guests will be more than happy to go even further and really dress up. To encourage them to do that invite your guests to ask for advice if they need it. Or perhaps get one of your friends to casually ask some of your relatives what they are planning to wear to your wedding. This is a subtle way of opening up the opportunity for your relatives to ask for a little advice and gain the confidence to dress differently to fit in better. Another approach is to use the same theme for your engagement party. This gives everyone the chance to have a kind of dry run. Or, you could simply host a fancy dress party using the theme you are planning to use for your special day.


These days, a lot of couples put together a simple wedding website. Creating a wedsite is an emerging trend. It can be especially handy for the bride and groom who are planning an alternative wedding. Once you have put together the standard pages, you can go ahead and create one that explains your theme in more detail. On that page you can include relevant photos and, if you want, links to places where the appropriate style of clothing can easily be bought. If you do not want to go to all of that trouble, another alternative is to simply point your guests to one of our alternative wedding pages. For example, if you are planning to host a rustic wedding, this page could prove helpful. By reading that article, your guests can get a feel for what your rustic wedding may be like and gain a better understanding of what to wear.


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