Honeymoons and Hennies

While wedding planning has taken a bit of a lull, Adele and Mark’s thoughts have been turning to honeymoon planning (always a favourite pastime of ours). And with the henny just around the corner it’s passports at the ready…

“July has been a pretty quiet month in terms of wedding planning – but I think that’s important every once in a while. Taking time to reflect (still can’t quite believe I found my dress!) and enjoy a break away from wedding lists, budget spreadsheets and to do lists. And I think it gives you some very much needed mind space to think up some more creative ideas!

“For a change, we decided to focus some time thinking about once the wedding had passed and we were officially Mr and Mrs. Of course the honeymoon is a big part of getting married, whether it’s straight after or months later but to give you something to look forward to as I hear these wedding blues are pretty bleak.

“The discussion started, like many of Mark’s and I discussions around the wedding, in a stand-off- “I want to go here”; “No I was thinking here”; “Aw I was thinking we could go here for a change”

“We covered every option and continent – from a New York/Las Vegas combo, back-packing in Indonesia, to a campervan adventure around Europe (obviously a Frenchie passport would have to be acquired if we went for this one!) We never really came to an agreed destination or time to go so ideas are welcome!

“The dreaded ‘vows’ topic also came up this month – I would love to write our own, just something really short and sweet, but enough just to add that small but personal gesture to the ceremony that’s about us.

“We decided on a humanist ceremony and we’ve went for Gary Smith who we found on the Humanist Society Scotland. He is great, so down to earth and instantly Mark and I thought his personality would be a perfect fit for the day. He has been super helpful so far and sent us through some examples of previous ceremonies varying from longer ceremonies with hymns and poems to a shorter exchanging of rings, vows and the declarations. Most likely we will go for something simple – effectively leading to more time on the dancefloor and at the bar!

“I think next on our list that we really need to pin down is a colour scheme. I am obsessed with sunflowers so it was a pretty obvious choice that they would be involved somewhere in the day, whether it be in my bouquet or just as decoration on our tables. There big and bold and with it being a summer wedding I think you can get away with odd sunflower here or there! It is quite a blessing with our venue that it really doesn’t need too much decorations and less is definitely more.

“I don’t know if I’m doing things slightly backwards; deciding on the bouquet colours first and then thinking about the bridesmaids dresses… In my head pretty much every colour of dress goes with yellow so it’s now just finding something that works for everyone. It’s not something I’m worried about as my maids are very open and laid back to my ideas – I’ve even thought about each bridesmaid wearing a different style of dress but with a similar tone.

“After doing some research, I reckon I need at least 6 months so we still have a while to look. I’m lucky a lot of my friends have got married this year so I’m learning a lot about where to shop and just as important, where not to shop. I think ASOS have really stepped up in the wedding market, good quality with a reasonable price tag and the simplicity of free shipping and returns is ticking all my boxes! My poor sister, my maid of honour, will definitely be the Guinea Pig for my shopping basket!

“Next month brings my much anticipated henny!! It is happening pretty early but I can only think it’s because we are going somewhere to enjoy some sun (a welcome thought after yet another great Scottish Summer)… I’ve only been given the dates to take off work and that I would need my passport – the rest is a huge surprise! Hats off to all my friends and family for keeping this top secret – I am soooooo excited, I wouldn’t care if we were going to the pub round the corner as long as we were all together. I am slightly nervous what the weekend will entail; but what’s the worst that can happen right….. I’ll fill you in next month :)”

Honeymoon plans? Anyone got any ideas for Adele? Feel free to share. Alie x

Adele and Mark are planning a rustic, laid-back celebration that will be a true reflection of the two of them – think flowers, foliage, fairy lights, plus a BBQ and plenty of beer. They are getting married at Inchyra Byre in Perthshire next May.

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