How to beat the post-wedding blues

After months of dreaming, planning, appointments, seemingly never-ending wedmin, hen/stag parties, celebrations, the big day itself and (hopefully!) an incredible honeymoon to boot, suddenly the festivities are over and it’s back to real life. Whether you’re feeling completely down or have a vague sense that you have so many spare hours and aren’t sure how to fill them, we’re here to help with our guide to beating the post-wedding blues.

1. Plan an adventure
Having something in your diary to look forward to is a great mood lifter. It doesn’t have to be a big trip (chances are your bank balance is still recovering from the wedding). If you’re able to take a day or two off mid-week, then you could land a bargain with a budget airline (we’re always keeping an eye out for good deals to our favourite European cities, which include Krakow, Copenhagen, Paris, Stockholm and Reykjavik).
When it comes to budget accommodation, the new wave of hostels are pretty hard to beat (and you can get a private room if you prefer). Air BnB has some cracking homes from home, and we’re also a fan of hiring a campervan and hitting the road too. If you’re able to travel in the off-peak months, prices will be much cheaper.
For something closer to home, how about booking in at one of our favourite Scottish boutique hotels – The Craigellachie in Speyside, which has incredible food and drink, and is in a beautiful setting. Or try a cosy kata in the woods at Comrie Croft – there’s nothing quite like gazing up at the night sky to help put everything else into perpective.
2. Catch up with friends
Chances are you put your social life a little on the back burner while you were busy planning, and saving for, your big day. Now is a great time to reconnect with friends and catch up on all their news. It’s amazing how emotionally recalibrated you can feel after going for a drink or two with a good friend.
Monteith’s in Edinburgh does a delicious Espresso Martini FYI. And, we recommend checking out some comedy at the Fringe while you’re at it. Jason Byrne always gives us the belly laughs.
3. Start a project
There’s nothing quite like launching into a new project to take your mind off the post-wedding blues. Maybe your bathroom is ready for a revamp or you’re searching for a new home.
Or, if you’re feeling creative and missing your wedding DIY, then you could take up a new craft or learn a new skill – calligraphy classes, jewellery carving and terrarium workshops all sound good to us.
4. Take up a new hobby
For one reason or another, many of us stop doing some of the things we love when the hustle and bustle of wedding planning takes over. Perhaps to save money or time. Now is a great time to renew your interest in a sport or hobby, or to try something new.
If we were feeling braver, we’d love to give Rollerderby a go, but in the meantime we’ll settle for hitting up the roller rink. And following Walk Highlands on Facebook has also inspired us to get out there and summit more of Scotland’s incredible hills.
5. Wear your wedding perfume
Smell is the most sensitive of the senses – it can evoke powerful memories from childhood. A great tip we were once told is to choose a brand new perfume for your wedding, and wear it for the first time that day. That way, whenever you smell the fragrance in the future, it will take you back to exactly how you felt on the day you married your best friend, surrounded by those you love most in the world.
While I heard this tip too late for my own wedding, I experience an incredible rush of emotion and joy whenever I smell Jo Malone’s Grapefruit Cologne – my mum gave me a bottle of it the day after my daughter was born, and the uplifting notes take me right back to how it felt to become a mum and hold this incredibly precious little person in my arms.
6. Visit an elderly relative
Maybe your granny wasn’t able to attend the wedding, or you have another relative or family friend who couldn’t be there on the day. Taking the time to visit them, with either your wedding album or some photos on your iPad (my 96 year-old Granny loves this!) to show them, will really make their day. They will love seeing all the outfits and hearing all your stories, and if you’re lucky, you might get to hear some stories from their own wedding day too.
7. Get moving
Even on the rainiest, windiest, greyest day (which for a change, it isn’t today!), when you really just want to lie on the couch and watch Netflix in your onesie, getting out and doing some exercise will make you feel a million times better.
Whether it’s a walk or a run, the post-exercise endorphins boost will leave you on a high for the rest of the day. And then you can always get back into your onesie and flop on the sofa (feeling smug!). Here’s Alie’s post on running as a hobby that may inspire you to get out there.
8. Do some good
One of the key ways to boost your happiness and health levels is to help others. And paradoxically, people who volunteer often feel that they have more free time than they did previously. It seems that the more good we do, the more we reap the reward. So it really is a win-win.
Lots of local charities and community groups are looking for additional support. You can find more details on volunteering opportunities here. You could also spread the love by donating your wedding dress to a charity shop, if you can bear to be parted with it!
9. Make the memories last
In this digital age, it’s all too easy to have your photos languish on a USB stick or hard-drive in a drawer. Choosing favourite photos from your wedding to frame and display in your home is a great way to have a daily reminder of how wonderful the day was.
Creating a wedding memory box is another great way to preserve the day – my four year-old daughter loves looking through ours, smelling the dried confetti (which has long since lost its scent!) and running her little fingers over the quaich that we drank from.
You can find some great storage boxes at Ikea and TK Maxx, and Not on the High Street have some lovely personalised ones too.
10. Submit your wedding to We Fell In Love
Want to relive your big day on your favourite blog? Then send us all the details here – we’d love to consider your wedding for publication on We Fell In Love! And you’ll also be brightening up our inbox too, it makes us smile lots to see all your beautiful photos and hear all about your celebrations.
Also, be sure to sign up to our Facebook Readers’ Group, if you haven’t already. The lovely folks in there will be super grateful for your top tips and newlywed wisdom.
Got a great way to beat the post-wedding blues and keep the wedding high rolling? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Christina x

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