How to Choose an Act to Match Your Wedding Theme

Wedding planning is a lot easier once you pick a theme for your wedding. Once you’ve settled on a theme, this will provide you guidance on the colours and decorations. If you pick a good theme it should even help you pick entertainment or choose an act for the wedding reception.

When you are choosing your wedding music, how do you combine the theme and the music?

Here are some tips to help you choose an act to match your wedding theme.

Think about the genres that fit your theme

Start by carefully thinking about your wedding theme. What are the songs or music genres that remind you of and would fit the theme?

Sometimes it’s easy to pair the wedding theme with music. A vintage wedding in the style of the 1930’s will be complimented with a swing band or a jazz act. A 90’s theme will work with whatever choice you make between indie band or cheesy pop tribute.

However, the correct music act might not always be as obvious as pairing an elegant candlelight dinner with string music.



If your theme is a bit broader, like if you’re having a bohemian or a garden wedding, you should start by thinking about the images and sounds that come to mind when you think about the theme. For example, if you think about a Secret Garden theme, the music that comes to mind is something mellow and relaxed – an indie or folk band might fit the theme perfectly here.

It’s important to think what kind of mood you want your theme to create. Do you want something sophisticated, traditional or playful? Pick an act that best fits the kind of ambience you are looking to have.

For instance, if you want a relaxed environment for your rustic wedding, a rock band probably won’t sound complimentary to the theme. On the other hand, if your theme is the 80s, a loud rock act might be just the right choice.


choose an act


Talk directly with entertainers about your theme

When you know the overall style of your wedding and the wedding music, you can start shortlisting suitable acts. You should definitely listen to bands and performers play live or check out their websites for clips – you can often immediately tell whether the style matches your theme.


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However, make sure to also talk directly with the entertainer. You can contact them and tell about your wedding theme and the kind of music you are looking for. Often good performers will have their own suggestions and ideas on the kind of playlist that would compliment a specific theme.

Plan the playlist

Indeed, it’s important to plan the playlist together with the wedding act. You want to think about the songs that best fit your theme and which are songs you’d love to hear on your big day. You might even have songs that fit the theme, but which you don’t want to hear – always have a discussion with the wedding band or DJ on the songs to play and to avoid.


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Remember the band might be able to change the tone and feel of your favourite songs. If your wedding theme is the Great Gatsby and you want a big band to perform at the wedding, they might be able to perform the big Adele hits in the style. Therefore, it’s important to talk with the act and ask them about their set list and the songs they’re able to perform in a specific style.

Check for professional advice

If you don’t find matching your wedding theme with the right music easy, ask for professional advice. Wedding planners and wedding entertainment providers often have a good knowledge on how to pair an act with the theme. Suggestions from couples that had the same theme might also direct you in picking the right act – so follow wedding blogs and forums for more ideas.

Choosing an act to match your wedding theme is a great way to create the right ambiance at your wedding. So use the above tips to plan your wedding music and enjoy your big day.

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