How To Create A Wedding Bullet Journal

Do you want to know how to wedding plan without having to buy another wedding planner book?

Now lets face it when it comes to planning your wedding your probably using your phone, setting up pinboards and following cool blogs. It can become a bit overwhelming and it is nice to get all your notes, references and ideas into one place. Let me help you create a wedding bullet journal which will also works as your daily diary and home planner. In the part of this series we will get your bullet journal bought and set up ready for my next blog which will help you create and refine your own bespoke wedding planner.

Cue The Bullet Journal #savetime #track #organise

The official Bullet Journal link is here or you can watch the You Tube video.

Now I am a massive fan of the Bullet Journal or as it is named on instagram the #bujo. I bought into it this year having researched last year after seeing posts in Instagram of these really cool diaries. I was fed up of having a separate diary, a note book, a calendar an address book etc so wanted to merge it all into one book and that become my holy grail!

I am naturally a creative person and I liked the idea of putting pen to paper as this  helps me retain information. You can find lots of tutorial videos, but my favourite below @withwendy you tube video, is the one that showed me how easy it could be set up, you do tend to see some uber fancy ones and it can overwhelm you, but I think basic and simple is sometime better whichever suits you. Have a little watch when you get a min.


So whist I was in the moment I went ahead and bought a nice bridal chic green bullet journal off Amazon. The best one is the Leuchtturm1971 ( buy the attachment for a pen #toptip). I spent a little bit extra as its good quality and I used the mentality that if I bought a bit of luxury I would use it more often and treat it well, to which I actually do. It is the only diary/journal I have continued to use past the month of feb!

Start off by buying:

Additional items to jazz it up would be;

  • paperclips
  • stickers
  • washi tape
  • post it notes

Firstly create your index page subject headers may include;

  • Year at a glance
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Wedding Ideas
  • Wedding Budget
  • Suppliers
  • Guest list
  • Bridesmaids & Groomsman
  • Venues
  • Instagram lust list
  • My wedding flowers
  • My Dress
  • Theme ideas
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Honeymoon
  • Hen & Stag party

The idea being as you progress with the planning you can add to the journal for example you may want an Intstagram lust list so you don’t forget who you not just liked but loved. You would not get that in your standard wedding planner.

A few pointers of how I #bujo

  • Allowing yourself time to set up the journal will make you want to use it so put a couple of hours to one side or an evening when kids have gone to bed. If you can’t draw but want to have that bit of creativity in your journal find some free printables on Pinterest and stick them into the journal. ie colouring sheets, monthly diary templates ( I drew mine but next year will use printables as it took me an age)
  • Try different subjects in your book. For example I have my calendars at the beginning of the year, a gratitude journal, holiday pages, Christmas list, Birthday list, Weight watchers section and Blog and Home inspo pages. The ideas is you add pages as you go. You would obviously add in any wedding planning sections which I will go ahead and explain in part 2 of creating your own wedding bujo.
  •  Add a post it board intermittently within the book that stops endless lists you can throwaway once you have done said job.
  • Lastly make sure you have the right accessories to hand such as paperclips, washi tape, ruler. Use a Mechanical pencil like this one I got from Amazon that way if you make a mistake you can rub it out as opposed to using tipex or crossing it out it which will make your page look look scruffy which is bound to piss you off…

wedding bullet journal
wedding bullet journal
wedding bullet journal
wedding bullet journal
wedding bullet journal


In my next blog I will go more in depth of creating your own bespoke wedding planner with some page by page ideas adding free printable’s for you to download.

So get started and shop now to buy your brand spanking new bullet journal.

Let me help you get organised and plan smart.



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