How To Make The Most Out Of Your Wedding Dress Appointment

Without a doubt, going shopping for your wedding dress can be very fun, but it is important to go prepared. It is crucial to make sure you walk away from your wedding dress appointment happy. We recently caught up with Sam Walsh of bridal boutique Sass & Grace to find out her tips and advice to making the most out of your wedding dress appointment.

Sass & Grace is a beautiful and luxurious bridal boutique based in Winchester, Hampshire. ‘At Sass & Grace, our biggest USP is that we only have one bride in our boutique at a time,’ explains Sam. ‘We know that your wedding dress is the most important dress you will ever wear. You should feel, and look like you, however the best version of you possible.’

Read on to discover Sam’s top tips to making the most out of your wedding dress appointment.

Wedding dress appointment tips

Relax and have fun!

Your wedding dress appointment is about you, so it is important you have fun. At our boutique, we ensure all our brides feel as relaxed as possible.

wedding dress appointment

At Sass & Grace, they believe in making your wedding dress appointment as fun as possible.

Keep an open mind

It is important to try on lots of different styles before making a decision. Unless you are like Angelina Jolie and used to frequenting the red carpet, the majority of brides to be have never worn a dress that either looks like a wedding dress or costs as much ever before. Listen to what your bridal consultant has to say as they have seen lots of brides to be over the years. If they suggest a specific dress for you, do try it on as you might just be pleasantly surprised. A reputable bridal boutique will try to get to know you so they can best advise you.

wedding dress appointment

The beautiful Sass & Grace bridal boutique.

Take one or two people along with you

Wedding dress shopping should be a fun part of planning your wedding. Think carefully about who you take with you, perhaps ask one or two close family members or friends? They need to be people whose opinion you value and who know you well. There is no point in taking all your close girlfriends with you as too many opinions might confuse you. Once you have decided on ‘The Dress,’ you can perhaps then take them to see your gown. This is of course up to you.

wedding dress appointment

There are so many gorgeous dresses to choose from Sass & Grace.

Wear good underwear

Don’t be ashamed to get your Spanx out for your bridal appointment. If they make you feel good normally when you wear an evening dress, chances they will do the same when you put on a wedding dress. Stick to white or flesh coloured underwear. Wear a good bra, but be prepared to go without one, depending on the style you try on.

wedding dress appointment

Sass & Grace can also advise on wedding accessories to go with your gown.

Questions to ask at your wedding dress appointment?

When I have my wedding dress appointment, will there be other brides with appointments at the same time?

If you are going to need alterations, ask about costs and who will be doing them. Is the seamstress experienced in bridal wear? Where are the fittings carried out. Are you flexible in offering weekend and evening appointments?

Is the boutique able to store my dress? Is there a charge?

At Sass & Grace, the boutique offers an experienced bridal seamstress who comes to the boutique to fit your dress. They also offer evening and weekend appointments.You also pay their seamstress direct as she is not VAT registered, they are.

Sass & Grace also offer free storage until you leave for your big day, with your dress fitted to perfection and fully steamed. They also offer a boxing service if you are takin your dress abroad.

There is only bride at a time for a dress appointment at Sass & Grace.

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