How To Pick The Right Wedding Dress For Your Venue

Going wedding dress shopping is often one of the most exciting and memorable parts of planning a wedding and it’s easy to see why. You basically get to play dress up for a couple of hours whilst trying on some of the most luxurious and beautiful gowns you’ll ever get your hands on. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

However, it’s very easy to get lost in the excitement and to forget that your wedding dress doesn’t just have to be right for you, but for your venue as well. Haven’t thought about that before? We don’t blame you. It’s an easy thing to overlook, but a crucial one all the same. This is why this blog post is dedicated to finding the right wedding dress for your venue.

After all, it’s important for the whole aesthetic of your day that your dress fits in with type of wedding you’re having and the location it’s in. For example, a ball gown wouldn’t look quite right at a beach wedding whilst an understated sheath dress might look too casual for a celebration in a stately home. So, how do you find the perfect wedding dress style for your venue?

Simply follow these three steps…

How to pick the right wedding dress for your venue

1. Choose your venue first

While I understand that it is incredibly tempting to book a dress appointment the day after you get engaged, we think it is crucial you pick your venue before trying to find your dress. Finding your perfect venue first and foremost means that, when it’s time for you to go dress shopping, you already know what kind of wedding you’re having and what season it’ll be in. These are questions your bridal consultant is bound to ask you at your dress appointment, as they make finding options for you so much easier.

Don’t think however that you can’t book a dress appointment or two in the early stages of your planning before you’ve found a venue. It’ll help you figure out what style of dress suits you and what you feel comfortable in. However, I would heavily advise against firming up your choice before you’ve decided on your venue.

For a laid back wedding on the beach, we can’t help but adore the designs by Grace Loves Lace

wedding dress for your venue

How gorgeous is Emanuela by Grace Loves Lace?

2. Make sure your wedding dress is seasonally appropriate

This may appear obvious, but believe me we know many brides who don’t choose a seasonally appropriate wedding dress. There is no point in choosing a heavily boned corset and a skirt with ten layers of tulle if you are getting married of summer. Although we can’t guarantee the UK wedding all year round, hopefully it will generally be hotter in the spring or summer than the winter (although you never know!). It makes more sense to opt for a lightweight dress in the summer months and a gown with a heavier fabric or long sleeves for a winter celebration. Sassi Holford’s Tamara gown is just perfect for spring or summer. It is styled here with their ‘Dana’ jacket.

Sassi Holford can advise you about finding the perfect wedding dress for your venue.

3. Think about logistics

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to realise that your dress is making it difficult for you to enjoy yourself. Before committing to the princess dress with a massive hoop skirt, consider how much travelling around you’ll need to do on the day. Is your ceremony in the same place as your reception? If so, great. However, if you’re going to need to travel in a car more than once during the day, you might want to think about how annoying it could be to try to shove all that dress in there with you (and your new husband) over and over again.

Similarly, a dress with a gorgeous cathedral-length train could look incredible during a church ceremony, but is much less appealing later on when you’re trying to dance.. If your venue has a massive ballroom with plenty of space so that dancing anywhere near you doesn’t become an assault course for your guests, then the train won’t be as big a problem. For smaller venues, though, you’d do well to make sure that that beautiful train can be bustled before you commit to buying it.

wedding dress for your venue

The Raven dress which features as part of Anne Barge’s Fall 2018 collection would work in any venue.

wedding dress for your venue

This Whilemina gown and cape by Francesca Miranda is beyond beautiful, but might be suited if you are not planning on doing a lot of dancing.




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