Iceland Pre-Wedding Portrait Session

Dino and Kaman travelled from Hong Kong to Iceland last January for this beautiful pre-wedding portrait session. Jane and Tony of ISKRA Photography captured their photos on an incredibly mild Icelandic day; at 10-15°C with no wind or rain, the weather was extremely unusual for a winter’s day on this island. The foursome ventured to spots such as Dark Green Hills, Jet Black Sands and Snow White Waterfalls where they captured the love and intimacy between Dino and Kaman in advance of the craziness of their wedding day. 

From the bride: “We met each other fifteen years ago in high school. It really is incredible to believe that from that moment, we had found the one who completed each other and the one who we’d spend the majority of our lives with. Time flies and over these fifteen years, we have experienced our life stages together: entering university, getting into social industry, losing family members… there were sweet moments but also tough times. At the beginning, we were just like two jagged-edged puzzle pieces trying to click into place. Sometimes it looked like we did not fit at all but after a little bit of twisting, turning, and flipping the pieces around, we finally felt the moment of the perfect click. It’s a feeling deep in soul, which says: this is the right one. And it was then time to turn a new page of life. When we were in the process of choosing a country in which to turn our new page, Iceland was our first and only choice. We love Iceland not because it is a unique destination but an adventure. From here, we can experience the stunning Icelandic nature and the beauty of the rugged landscape. No matter the Dark Green Hills, the Jet Black Sands or Snow White Waterfalls, all represented the purest and most natural side of Iceland. It was my honour to invite Jane and Tony to join our journey and record our precious memories in such incredible and amazing place. Thanks “Google” which gave us the chance to meet each other, and thanks “Google Translate” which brought us closer to each other, even if we are from other sides of the Earth. We believe that it is not just a pre-wedding photography but also an unforgettable Icelandic journey. We were friends immediately from the moment we met Jane and Tony!” 

Photography: ISKRA Photography

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