I’ve blogged Otaduy‘s Galactic Love collection before, and probably will again, because the people behind the brand keep coming up with shoots that make my heart leap, and I am helpless to resist sharing them with you.

This particular shoot makes me think of a beautiful alien visiting us from the stars. The lone figure and the terrain speak to me of The Little Prince, and the model’s contortions remind me of Björk, and also Madonna in her Frozen video. Well the collection is inspired by music, love, the stars, and lovers, after all…

Also, wow to the description of the inspiration behind the collection!!

“The most special stars we know are those that are magically floating in the void until a supernatural force unites them together in one orbit… Thus, these two lovers start a dance surrounded by atoms of love and interstellar dust, believing themselves alone in the vastness of the universe. Because anyone capable of finding light in the other will destroy every imposed boundary.

“We never stopped orbiting together. We are the universe.”

Yep, that wins my heart about a million times over! And it all comes together in this beautifully icy and dreamy video…

Video by Cientoquince Films

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You can buy Otaduy from Way Out Wedding directory member Rock the Frock.



Photography | Laia Benavides

Model | Karina Kolokolchykova

MUA and hair | Javier Ceferino

Art director | @noguerg

Stylist | Laia Torras

Videography | Cientoquince Films

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