Last Night an Ellie Saved My Life


This post was going to be called ‘Way Out Wedding Expands’ or something equally lame. But that falls exceptionally short of what has actually happened behind the scenes here at the blog, so I changed it. Basically, a wedding industry firebrand by the name of Ellie Kime has saved Way Out Wedding from disappearing ‘down the dumper’ as Smash Hits might have had it. I said it’d be back after a break, but this is something else!!

Reading my blog, you will know Ellie as one of the team at A Most Curious Wedding Fair, the ‘biggest, coolest, indie style-focused wedding event in the UK’ that it’s fair (HA!) to say is my favourite. Remember last year’s ‘Pinktopia’? That was them. And this year is looking just as incredible.

Ellie is weddings-obsessed. In the GOOD way. She launched The Wedding Enthusiast this year (read more below) and is one of the nicest, friendliest, most hilarious and sunshiney people in the industry. And I am lucky enough to have secured her freelance services to help me with posts, newsletters, and The WOW Edit directory. And she is incredible. After only a few days, the schedule is getting full, the stats are rising and we are on track again. I am soooo happy!! Sorry, Ellie, if your ears have gone aflame and fallen off by this point, but you are AMAZING!!

I’ve interviewed her so you can see what I’m gushing about…

Wedding enthusiast

Describe The Wedding Enthusiast in a lovely paragraph

“Less ‘headsets and screaming’, more glitter and confetti. I’m a bespoke wedding consultant who loves to help incredible couples create magic on their wedding day, and help small businesses in the industry create magic for those wedding days – simple! You can think of me as the vital extra pair of hands for the big day, your foot in the wedding door, your eye for wedding style, or any other bodily metaphor if you’d like. I love couples who think outside the box and prioritise their passions and enthusiasms on their wedding day, and I make a banging cup of tea. I also love sunsets, confetti cannons and giant love-heart shaped earrings.”

*Matilda Delve wedding photography - Most Curious Fair family shoot 2017-189

What would be your theme tune?

“How long do you have, can I have a theme opera please? Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine, Brandy You’re a Fine Girl by Looking Glass or Don’t Look Back Into The Sun by The Libertines. I mean, lyrically, not exactly my jam, but you can’t help yourself but love life and get stuff done when you’re belting these out!”

Why weddings?

“Nothing else does, ever has, or ever will compare! It brings together everything I adore: mind-blowing creativity, stunning styling, time with your loved ones, excellent organising (that means lists) and a cracking party. Why would you not want to be part of the best and happiest day of someone’s life?”

What’s your most perfect weekend?

“In no particular order, it would involve a candyfloss sunset, exploring treasure trove shops and street art, a rooftop bar, cookie dough (very importantly not cookies), and an outdoor cinema.”

Love is…?

“(Easy, it’s the easiest thing to do, in the words of the loves of my life McFLY (is it too late to add those to the opera?!)) My actual answer: worth it. If it’s right, it’s absolutely golden.”


Joanna Bongard Photography // Matilda Delves Wedding Photography


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