Les Héroïnes

Shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses can be a difficult task, on both sides. As a bride, you’re demonised wherever you look, by virtue of being a bride boxed in as someone INFLEXIBLE AND MEAN who will inevitably choose ATROCIOUS DRESSES that feel more like some kind of tulle prison garment than a fun and comfortable party outfit. As a bridesmaid, you may feel conflicted as if you’re not given freedom, the chance of you liking your outfit is potentially slim, but if you are given freedom, where do the boundaries lie with what you can choose, and when they say ‘Wear what you want!’, do they actually, genuinely mean it? It’s a bloody minefield.

However, fret not! We have a little something for you. Les Héroïnes is a brand new ready-to-wear bridesmaids label from designer Vanessa Cocchiaro, initiated with the intention of bringing ‘exemplary contemporary’ pieces to the bridal table. The debut collection is designed to recognise and celebrate bridesmaids for the super important role they play in your wedding and, more importantly, your life – what are your bridesmaids if not your heroines, confidantes and inspirations?

More than having an excellently thought out name, the collection is super sleek, too. Putting the oui into glorious, the pieces ooze Parisienne sophistication, mixing sharp silhouettes and modern seam cutting with a delectable colour palette. True to its über-cool promises and premises, the collection also includes more structured pieces such as an incredible tailored two-piece and a statement flowy jumpsuit to ensure you can match the bride, whatever she’s wearing on her big day. Think soft, draped separates and chic bias cut dresses all made in off-whites and grown-up turquoises. Think languishing on a balcony in the City of Love before skipping down to meet your girlfriends on the Métro (why is this image so much more romantic than hanging out of a window ledge in Fulham before jumping on the District line? It’s the French touch, non?). Think timeless pieces made to be worn and loved over and over, the integral part of many important love stories. Think ooh la la, not ooh HELL no, mate.

They look swish, they feel swish, and they’re based on the importance of your girls and what they’ve done for you. What’s not to like about Les Héroïnes?!


The collection is available worldwide via the Les Héroïnes website.

Prices range from £140 to £420.


Dresses | Les Héroïnes

Photography | Sascha HeintzeJesse Laitinen 

Stylist | Vanessa Cocchiaro

Hair &make-up | Giulio Panciera; Rory Rice

Set | Fabric by Pierre Frey

Models | Aasmae and Lida at Elite Paris Studio: Studio Shapes; Carlotta and Myriam at NEW MADISON Paris; Ala at IMG Paris; Esther at GIRL MNG Paris


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