Making the Moments Count

When it comes to planning your wedding we know how easy it is to become overwhelmed with the choices to make and all the details to be decided. We say it’s important to take time to make the moments count. Here’s three of our top tips to make that happen.

Plan your Prep

The morning of your wedding should be chilled. It’s a time to hang out with your best buds and you family so we think you should enjoy it to its max.

To help make your wedding morning as relaxed as possible we say plan in advice. Little things like taking the tags off your dresses, laying out underwear, jewellery and perfume can make all the difference to your wedding morning going smoothly.

Take Time Out

When it comes to planning timings make sure you build in a little bit of time for the two of you. Grabbing 5 minutes (it doesn’t need to be longer) before you sit down for dinner, or at evening turn around, just helps you appreciate what the day is all about.

Appreciate your Family and Friends

They have been by your side throughout all the planning (from the mild panics to the crazy excitement).

Whatever you do take time to appreciate your friends and family. Buy them gifts for sure, but also make sure you take time to share moments of your day with them and say thank you. It’s important.

Anyone else got any top tips on making the wedding moments count? Alie x

Images by Blue Sky Photography, Harper Scott Photo and Crofts and Kowalczyk

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