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A little while ago, I posted about not being able to blog as much for a while and so moving over to Instagram, and I have to say thank you soooo much to everyone who sent me lovely messages of encouragement and virtual hugs – you are so cool!!

It did mean that I anticipated a fall in blog visits and so I called a halt to advertising. How could I accept money knowing readership would fall away?

Now what was really lovely was that people still wanted to work with me, getting in touch to suggest alternatives, such as Instagram campaigns (my Insta has grown loads since concentrating on it!!). This was a) a real confidence boost – I may be small, comparatively, but the brand is strong and was surviving this break, and b) incredibly heartening to know that so many in the wedding industry are supportive and want to have your back and help.

So after speaking to these lovely people and having a brainstorm as to how to still provide a bridge between my readers and suppliers while being more quiet, I’ve come up with a more niche range of ways to work with me and I’ve rethought my prices. I think you will like!!!

The Options

The main ways to advertise and work with me are:

  • Social media package (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)
  • Listing in the growing directory
  • Sponsored post
  • Banner advert (which has been pimped with the full range of social media support to maximise exposure).

So come and get in touch if you want to receive the full details and prices. And don’t be afraid to discuss bespoke packages if nothing you see truly fits: it’s all about what works best for YOU. Not every business is the same, so why should the advertising strategy be?

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