Non Hens and Old Fogies

With 18 days to go thoughts are turning to new names (answers on a postcard), dresses (eek!) and all those final little details that need organised. What we love most though is that these two are focused on the important bit – they are marrying each other. Here’s Susie’s last pre-wedding update…

“This is it… final blog before I become Mrs Susie Mcfadzen – Oliver. Or Susie Oliver – Mcfadzen. Or just Susie Oliver. Or Susie McOliver or maybe Olzen?? Or maybe I’ll just keep my name! We haven’t really decided on that. I’m thinking we have still got a couple of weeks to decide!

“I’m writing this from the balcony of an apartment in Spain where I am having my NON hen do! I knew from day one I defo did not want a hen-do. The idea of a pink sash and willy tiara, dares and karaoke filled me with dread!! So I’m here with some special girls – my daughter Taylor, my mum, my best best friend Lynette who is over from Oz for the wedding, my 2 friends since childhood – Lindz, who is responsible for introducing Nonie and I years ago and Lisa, who’s wedding we got together at! And my other bestie Elaine who is going to organise everyone on the day. We never get the chance to hang out all together so this is a really, REALLY special time! Sunshine, belly laughs and gallons of Sangria! (thank you girls xxx)

“Now, any bride to be reading this should probably sit down for this bit, it might be your worst nightmare come true. So here we go…… my bride to be saw a photo of me in my dress. Like, full screen, head to toe. She was innocently flicking through my mums holiday snaps and then suddenly shouted “sh**! and threw the phone at my mum.

“I’m not gonna lie, I was gutted. Absolutely gutted.

“So I have 3 choices:

1) Dwell on it, be upset, maybe even buy a new dress!

“2) I can be superstitious and worry that it’ll bring us lots of bad luck. But if I choose to be superstitious then I have to believe that the bad luck will be cancelled out with the good luck that all of those hunners of flippin’ origami cranes will bring! That’ll restore the luck balance nae bother!

“3) Or I can choose to get a grip and be rational. It actually doesn’t matter one bit if Nonie has seen my dress because it’s not about that is it? For a start her memory is crap and she has probably totally forgotten what she saw. And even if she hasn’t, she will still cry when she sees me, and think that I am the most beautiful thing she has ever seen, just as I will with her.
She thinks that even first thing in the morning when I’m all crusty and grumpy with greasy hair and drool on my cheek. That’s what’s important, she adores me, I adore her. I’m getting to marry my best friend.

“The stress of putting out a gift list was just too much for us. Nonie and I have literally everything we could ever need, and we have no space in the house for anything else, we don’t even have space for a microwave! So we thought we would just ask for help towards our honeymoon in January. Although we have only actually asked a few people because we felt so weird about asking for money! Some people have pretty strong views on all that!

“On a less stressy note – we had a great joint hag at Audio Soup festival (one of Scotlands best wee festivals) Everyone put in an amazing effort dressing up as old biddies which was hilarious. Life doesn’t get much funnier than seeing a group of old fogies raving it up in a field.

“We also met with our photographer, Nick Silverstein who is an old friend from back home. He seemed pretty excited about capturing our day at Tyninghame as it is such a beautiful spot and he loves a nice landscape! There was a wedding on while we were walking around which gave me excitement butterflies!

“We’ve paid most suppliers over the past couple of weeks and double checked that nobody has double booked us!

“To do this week… string birds together, write more lists, pay people, book beauty things (nails ‘n that), choose pizza toppings and ice cream flavours!

“Then that’s it, in less than 3 weeks I will get to publicly celebrate my love for the person who has made me happier than I could ever have thought possible! Who I never get bored of, want to hang out with all the time, makes me laugh every single day, and makes me want to be a better person, more like her.

“I’m not usually a gushy type, hard as nails like. But stuff it. For this short period of time I’m going to be gushy. I am so looking forward to marrying Nonie. And all the other stuff doesn’t even matter one bit! xxxx

Eek – we feel Susie’s pain on the dress viewing front. Anyone else had this experience? Alie x

Susie and Nonie are tying the knot at Ravensheugh Log Cabin at Tyninghame Beach in East Lothian this September. Their day will have a festival vibe, food trucks and dress up area in the woods. And they plan to personalise and ‘fabulize’ the place with things made by their own hands.

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