Nonsuch Mansion & Ewell Church Becky & Ollie

Here’s Becky and Ollie’s wedding at Nonsuch Mansion in late April.

Their wedding was amazing and ran super smoothly from when I first arrived up until we waved them goodbye at the end of the evening.

I was fortunate in that Becky and Ollie were getting ready at the family homes about five minutes from each other. Being able to bounce between couples during prep is handy and it’s nice to have that balance in the photos.

Before Nonsuch they got married at St Mary’s Church in Ewell which is the same church Becky’s parents tied the knot at a few moons ago.

Ollie held it together really well as Becky walked down through the church with her dad and honestly, it was one of those weddings where you truly felt it was one entity in the church rather than individual guests.

A wedding often reflects the family and there was a lot of love here, it felt lovely to be a part of this.

We then had some photos on the church steps before heading off the Nonsuch for the reception.

Late April / early May time of year is when nature starts to look it’s best and as the weather was nice we could make proper use of the grounds at Nonsuch Park for photos. We also took some later on in the evening as the sun set and made use of the car too.

Speeches and dinner followed and a packed dancefloor took over the rest of the night. Their first dance was beautiful, so much so I cried (which is rare, it’s the speeches that usually get me) but maybe that was just because everyone was so damn nice, all day, without exception. I felt like part of the family despite only seeing their world through a window.

Here are some more photos from their day:

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