Our Top 10 Wedding Photos Of July

Is it just me, or has July not quite delivered in terms of summer? While the weather has let us down, when it comes to love stories we have been utterly captivated by so many of our real weddings this month. Picking our top ten has been harder than ever, so here goes…

1. Heather and Rosemary

This is one love story that had us all with lumps in our throat. Couple that with their love for Scotland and their simply exquisite Edinburgh location shots and we have been in elopement heaven.

If you’ve not read Heather and Rosemary’s story then what are you waiting for?

(Photographer: Marc Millar Photography)

2. Jon and Hannah

When it comes to elopements, Jon and Hannah’s romantic boathouse ticks all the boxes.

We love how this photograph captures the two of them wrapped in each other surrounded by sky.


(Photographer: Harper Scott Photography)

3. Kate and Andy

The phrase joyful chaos has to be one of our favourite wedding descriptions ever…

With music at the heart of their day Kate and Andy’s wedding just looks like so much fun to have been a guest at. This image of the impromptu Hallelujah chorus captures it perfectly.

(Photographer: Crieff Photography)

4. Ash and Craig

We loved Ash and Craig’s Scottish-Indian wedding. Their first dance, complete with confetti canon was a real highlight.

What a way to get the party started…

(Photographer: Sam Brill)

5. Lindsay and Simon

Our Throwback Thursday allowed us to fall in love all over again with Lindsay and Simon’s medieval Game of Thrones inspired wedding.

This image shows another first dance danced with perfect poise.

(Photographer: Picturesque by Mr and Mrs M)

6. Mary and Jonathan

Inspired by their love of literature, Mary and Jonathan’s spring wedding is picture perfect.

We love this image of the boys walking amidst cherry blossom.

(Photographer: Crofts and Kowalczyk)

7. Mary and Jonathan

How about this for a ‘just married’ picture? And a literature themed wedding at that?

(Photographer: Crofts and Kowalczyk)

8. Jon and Hannah

This is the image of how love should be: supporting each other as you climb, aided by beer. Anyone else?

(Photographer: Harper Scott Photography)

9. Ash and Craig

Another favourite from Ash and Craig’s wedding. Drinking champagne with the girls.

Something you absolutely must allow time for on your wedding day we say.

(Photographer: Sam Brill)

10. Kate and Andy

And what if it rains on your wedding day? Take and advice – keep smiling and whip out the brolly…

We love that these two couldn’t stop smiling all day…

(Photographer: Crieff Photography))

As ever we’re more than a little stoked to get to share so many incredible love stories. Alie x

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