Our Top 10 Wedding Photos Of October

With Samhuinn being celebrated here in Scotland tonight, marking the end of harvest and start of winter, we’re looking forward to embracing the darker nights and all that the season brings. But we couldn’t close the door on October without first looking back at some of our highlights this month. We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!

1. May Wan & Danny’s traditional Chinese wedding

Filled with fun and games, plus traditions including the tea ceremony, May Wan & Danny’s colourful Glasgow celebration made us smile lots. So much so, in fact, that we’ve snuck in two photos from their wedding (see main image also!).

(Photographer: The Gibsons)

2. Marion & James’s Scottish island elopement

Marion and James battled intermittent rain and high seas and travelled by speed boat to a secluded beach for their wedding. And the bride’s choice of footwear? Wellies of course. We loved everything about this wedding.

(Photographer: Soraya Photography)

3. Beth & Frederick’s historic house wedding

Beth and Frederick tied the knot in the oldest inhabited house in Scotland. And the story behind the pearls Beth wore, which are a family heirloom, had us all hooked…

“Each girl on my mother’s side gets to wear Mary Queen of Scots’ pearls on her wedding day. The story goes my ancestor helped her, so she gave the pearls as a thank you in return.”

(Photographer: Ena May Photography)

4. Rona & David’s intimate garden party

Rona & David’s wedding took DIY to a whole new level. Not only did they create their own stationery and do their own flowers, but they even made their own venue.

We all fell hard for Rona’s floral dress and lace-up wellies. And as for these Lego buttonholes – so much to love!

(Photographer: Natalie Martin, Story of Love)

5. Rebecca & Dougie’s summer zoo wedding

A private garden in the grounds of a zoo was the perfect location for Rebecca and Dougie to tie the knot. We loved the story behind how they met – at Edinburgh University Trampoline Club!

And talk about dress goals!

(Photographer: Ryan White Photography)

6. Angela & Matthew’s Scottish castle elopement

What started as honeymoon planning turned into an intimate Scottish wedding for two. Angela and Matthew’s fairytale elopement gave us all the feels! Rain or shine, all that mattered was that they got to marry each other…

(Photographer: Chic Photo)

7. May Wan & Danny’s Scottish seaside wedding

As well as their Chinese celebration, we also loved getting to share May Wan and Danny’s elegant Scottish wedding this month. They picked their seaside venue after Danny proposed in the garden there, and filled their day with personal, DIY touches.

There are so many gorgeous photos from their day, but this one perfectly sums up that bare feet on the beach feeling.

(Photographer: The Gibsons)

8. Jillian & Luciano’s Scottish Italian celebration

Inspired by romance with a Scottish/Italian twist, 
Jillian and Luciano
 brought together everyone they love to start the next chapter in their lives. The look they are exchanging in this photo perfectly sums up that just married feeling!

(Photographer: Mirrorbox Photography)

9. Rosanna & John’s outdoor ceremony

After a few whiskies on a Friday night, Rosanna’s parents agreed to having her and John’s wedding at the family home. From start to finish, their day was brimming with personal touches and a whole lot of love.

And when Rosanna’s niece sang ‘True Colours’ during the ceremony there was not a dry eye!

(Photographer: Vivienne Elizabeth Photography)

10. Samantha & Michael’s country house wedding

With its soft and romantic vibe, Samantha and Michael’s wedding was all about classical elegance. And as for their sunset photos – absolutely breathtaking!

(Photographer: First Light Photo)

It was so hard choosing just 10 photos to share this month! October you were pretty amazing. But just wait until you see what November is going to bring… Christina x

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