Our Top 10 Wedding Photos Of September

September you’ve been good to us. Colourful and creative we have been inspired by this month’s real love stories and know you have too. Here they are – our top 10 photos of the month…

1. Cameron and Max

Romantic and chic we loved Cameron and Max’s wedding for so many reasons: her dress (inspired by her grandmothers) and their first look.

This photograph just oozes romance.

(Photographer: Ryan White Photography)

2. Brent and Jules

This wedding just makes us smile. Brent and Jules’ engagement over a haribo ring set the tone for a celebration that was jam-packed with fun. Oh and a best dog (adorable).

Love this photograph of the rings (real and not sweeties!)

(Photographer: Nicola Stewart Photography)

3. Catie and Simon 

These two met through Morris dancing and their musical beach wedding is so inspiring.

Filled with colour, fun and music from friends it just looks such a happy wedding.

And who doesn’t love a confetti photograph?

(Photographer: Love Sky Photography)

4. James and David

Inspired by a Victorian steam fair James and David’s wedding took theme to a whole new level.

Not only were their guests encouraged to dress up, but also to throw themselves into the entertainment.

This photograph shows how much fun was had.

(Photographer: Donna Murray Photography)

5. Elsie and Grant

A race up a hill on your wedding morning? What a great idea, especially when you love running and your guests do too.

This is the before picture…

(Photographer: Mihaela Bodlovic)

6. Elsie and Grant

And this is the after…

Elsie and Grant’s wedding was filled with DIY details and so much pretty.

The love is so evident between these two.

(Photographer: Mihaela Bodlovic)

7. Cameron and Max

Another one from Cameron and Max’s wedding has caught our eye…

Super stylish we love this photograph of the groomsmen. Anyone else?

(Photographer: Ryan White Photography)

8. Susie and Nonie

We’ve only had a taster so far, but love what we’ve seen.

Did we mention rainbow kilt socks and bubble guns?

Have a peak at Susie and Nonie’s wedding day highlights so far.

(Photography: Susie and friends)

9. Catie and Simon

What could be more fun that taking to the sea for a paddle on your wedding day?

Everything about this photographs sums up why should do your wedding your way and that’s exactly what Catie and Simon did.

(Photographer: Love Sky Photography)

10. Brent and Jules

Lastly, no top 10 of the month would be complete without a dog photograph.

So for this one it’s over to the best dog Mike.

We think he nailed it in this shot…

(Photographer: Nicola Stewart Photography)

Thank you September. October we’re coming to get you! Alie x

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