Quintessentially Scottish Castle Wedding

Nothing (not even an ankle broken in two places) was going to top these two having the wedding of their dreams. Everything about their day makes us smile,but above all we love the impromptu cheeky ice-cream shared on the way to the reception.

How did you meet and become engaged?

Mo and I met in a bar in west London back on February 13th 2014.

It seems we both had the same idea that being single on Valentine’s Day is a bit rubbish and so decided to head out and see if we liked the look of anyone!

Now no one ever believes me, but Mo actually took the initiative and chatted me up, I was at the bar with a friend when she leant over and said: “you look like a man who is good in a crisis, I’ve got no idea what to drink!”

I proposed by the side of Lake Windermere, in the Lake District as the sun was setting two years later. Little did we know that James Matthews would propose in the same place to Pippa Middleton only a few months later…

We were inspired by…

Even though I’m not Scottish per say my family name “Graham” is and we have our own tartan. Our colour scheme was based around the white, dark navy and dark green of the Graham tartan.

Tell us about your venue…

We wanted somewhere quintessentially Scottish and Castle Culcreuch took our breath away, it has everything, the grounds, the loch, the rolling hills, the incredible castle, the roaring log fire and plenty of room for all who wanted to stay there.

And your photography experience?

We loved Andy’s very candid style which felt natural and befitting of the rural Scottish location of our venue. He also really captured the personality of the event overall

We love Maureen’s dress. How did she pick it?

Maureen knew exactly what she wanted but couldn’t find it in months of dress shopping. Maureen uses a local seamstress occasionally to make skirts for work and decided she would have a go at designing her own dress so that she had something very personal to her and unique in its style.

She wanted the dress to be in pieces, mixing the classic wedding silk skirt with a more modern silhouette to the top, mixing lace and silk.

Maureen had the idea in her mind from day one and had sketched out exactly the style she wanted. When she couldn’t find anything to match she knew she had to take it into her own hands.

Interestingly we went to the Balenciaga exhibition at the V&A the other day and they had basically the exact same design on exhibition there.

Shows that it wasn’t only Maureen who thought it was the perfect wedding dress!

And your outfit?

I wore a dark navy suit from Hawkes and Curtis in an Italian cut style as I wanted to be quite classic, but did want tails. My suits for myself and my groomsmen matched the Graham tartan colour scheme with dark navy suits, green ties for the groomsmen and a white tie for me.

And how about your flowers?

We had white wild flowers in our bouquets, we wanted them to be natural and in keeping with the Scottish country aesthetic, whilst the white matched the colour scheme.

We then had eucalyptus to dress the tables and the venue, we chose this to again feel like nature was creeping in to the room from the great outdoors and to compliment the silvery/grey of the stone building on the tables.

My buttonhole was a Scottish thistle, it had to be didn’t it?

Something surprising about your day…

The most surprising thing about our day is that it actually happened…

While taking part in a military fitness class in January Maureen broke her ankle in two places, requiring surgery with screws and a metal plate put into her ankle.

On crutches and in plaster for six weeks before moving to crutches and a boot, Maureen only began moving without crutches in May, one month before the wedding.

Needless to say it took intensive physio for Maureen to be able to walk down the aisle and some good flat shoes in order to complete the first dance!

Our whole build up to the day was really dominated by this so the relief and happiness felt that it didn’t end up affecting the day was amazing.

Oh and the Scottish weather turning from rainy to glorious sunshine on the day – SO lucky!

Any advice?

Don’t get bullied by suppliers into dressing your venue the way they want. Stick to your guns and your own vision, we had to find someone different to help us dress the venue only a month before the wedding as the previous person had agreed with our thoughts then totally ignored us when we saw the final idea.

We would also say book your photographer really early, we did so six months out and even then there were a couple of people who were already booked, the same of course goes for the venue!

Lastly, we would say relax and enjoy the day and find some time to just spend with each other. We grabbed a glass of champagne together for 20 minutes on the day out of the way of everyone else and it was such a lovely way to listen to each other and talk about how great the day had been whilst we were still living it.

Why Scotland?

We got married in Scotland as Maureen is from Glasgow and we wanted to get married in the church that connected to the school that she and her six siblings went to.

What’s the one truly unforgettable thing about your wedding day?

As I drove back from the church to the wedding reception, Mo and I spotted an ice cream truck by the side of the road. I stopped the car and we shared an ice cream looking across the beautiful Scottish countryside – it was a really special moment – our photographer spotted us and took some pictures too.

Anyone else thinking that Maureen’s chat-up line is pretty good? Alie x
Ceremony Venue – St Aloysius Church in Glasgow
VenueCulcreuch Castle
PhotographerAndy Thomas Photography
FloristQuidest of Hyndland, Glasgow
Hair stylistMacDonald Hairdressing, Glasgow
Make-up ArtistLaura Pye
Wedding dress – Designed by bride created by seamstress Carolina Wetterstad
Groom’s outfitHawes and Curtis
Bridesmaids’ dressesReiss
CakeThree Sister’s Bake
Additional SuppliersMake Believe Events

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