Relaxed Farm Wedding

Inspired by all things rustic and relaxed Helena and Gary created a wedding day in a barn on a working farm. With good friends serving them food (out of the back of a land rover) and a proper ceilidh way into the night, it sounds like the perfect Scottish celebration…

How did you meet and become engaged?

We met at a mutual friends BBQ in 2006…we dated for about 18 months back then, before Helena went traveling around the world, and Gary moved to the south-east of England for work. We always stayed in touch, and in 2013 got together after Gary had completed a double world record golf attempt! Helena’s Mum persuaded Helena to come to the after-party, which she did, and we’ve been together ever since.

We were engaged in February 2016 whilst on a skiing trip in the Alps. After carrying the ring for two days in a backpack waiting for the perfect spot, Gary finally dropped to one knee whilst we were sledging, covered in snow! Helena wasn’t expecting it, but was delighted and a few glasses of wine, champagne and prosecco followed!

Our wedding day was inspired by…

Rustic farm weddings and not wanting too much fuss… Wedding’s are all about the people and the occasion rather than materialistic things; we just wanted our friends and families to have a good party and some good food to celebrate the start of our life together. We think that’s what we got!

Tell us more about your venue…

Partis Farm Barns is still a working farm, with two old cow barns that have been converted into a rustic wedding venue. It’s perched on the hill just north of Leven, with great views across the Firth of Forth. The open stone walls, draped with hessian and tartan were exactly the theme and atmosphere we were looking for.

And how about your photography?

We asked Ivan to just document the day; we didn’t want too many staged shots or group photos, just the atmosphere and happiness of the day. That’s exactly what he did, brilliantly. He mingled with guests and made everyone feel at ease, even whilst taking pictures of Helena in the morning.
He made sure we had all of the shots that he thought we might like, and more; making sure he had all of the key people, and capturing so many parts of the day that we missed.

Tell us more about your flowers…

We were pretty relaxed about the theme of the flowers and how they looked, and just wanted a spring / neutral / meadow style feel. Our family and friends helped in pulling these together, spearheaded by one of our good family friends, and they looked exactly how we wanted. There were some watering cans and old whisky barrels that we used to decorate the barns, and surrounded / covered in flowers, which looked great.

We love your dress. How did you find it?

Helena’s dress was an ivory style vintage dress, with a satin dress completed with a beaded tulle overlay. 50 buttons down the back gave an elegant finish, and she also wore a veil with beading which matched the dress.

And Gary’s Outfit?

Gary wore his family tartan kilt and a charcoal grey jacket and waistcoat. Along with his best man and ushers, he wore a grey charcoal tie and a flower piece of heather with a thistle and white rose. He also had a personalised sgian dbuh, with the Davidson family crest, and a kilt pin and kilt belt with the Davidson family crest too.

What did you do for evening entertainment?

Stravaig are a five piece ceilidh band, who played all of the classic Scottish dances for us, and our guests. they are a young group of lads from Glasgow University, and their energy and enthusiasm was a great addition to the night. Our first dance started as John Mayer and Katy Perry ‘Who You Love’ and kicked into Robin Thick’s ‘Blurred Lines’ about halfway through…we aren’t the soppy type so were keen to get the party started with some great floor-fillers pretty quickly!

After a few ceilidh songs, we also had Josh Jeffery do a set with his acoustic guitar. Called ‘Gary-aoke’, he had written out request cards for our guests to join him on stage for some live, guitar led karaoke! It could have been a car crash, but carried by Josh (who is lead singer for ‘Till Death Do Us Party’!), it was a fantastic addition, breaking up the night and giving some comedy moments!

Any surprises?

It didn’t rain…and Gary was on time!

Any advice for future brides and grooms?

Enjoy it. It sounds simple, but it’s easy to get caught up in something not going exactly as you’d planned it, but in the grand scheme, it probably doesn’t matter and won’t change the day (and your guests won’t notice!)

Why Scotland?

We’re both from Scotland, born and raised, so there was never anywhere else in the running. We live in Berkshire now, but returning ‘home’ to be married was always our dream / plan. It also meant that out English friends could come to a proper Scottish wedding. They all loved it! (Much more sociable, relaxed and fun than English weddings, was the general consensus!)

What’s the one truly unforgettable thing about your wedding day?

Having all of our family and friends in one place, for such a happy occasion. Again, it sounds simple, but it really is an incredible feeling to see everyone you love and care about in one room, celebrating your happiness!

We love Helena and Gary’s laid-back approach. Anyone else planning a farm wedding? Alie x


Ceremony VenueKemback Church
Reception VenuePratis Farm Barns
PhotographerClaremont Photography
Wedding dressMaggie Sottero from Bliss bridal
Shoes – Chelsea by Rainbow Club
Groom’s outfitDavison’s Kilt Hire
Bridesmaids’ dressesPhase Eight
Cake Sandra’s Cakes, St Andrews
CatererWild Rover Food
Wedding Transport – St Andrews For Golf
BandStravaig Ceilidh band

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