Rustic with hints of blush, green and rose gold

Today we’re excited to welcome our new guest blogger, Sarah, aboard. With her wedding taking place in spring, Sarah is efficiently ticking her way through her wedmin list. That could have something to do with her secret planning folder, which has been a few years in the making. Just don’t mention chair covers…

“Well, isn’t this a little daunting! After avidly reading every WFIL post for the last few years (I’ve been not so secretly planning my wedding for some time!), it’s very exciting to be chosen as a guest blogger. I can’t wait to share all the ups and down of our wedding journey over the next 4 months with you all.

“So a little about us… Duncan and I were a work romance, we both worked for a tour company as driver guides but that meant we were often in different parts of the country and kept missing each other. This was a theme during the first couple of years of our relationship, ships that pass in the night was an understatement! In fact the day after our first date I jetted off to Thailand for 5 weeks. Duncan offered to drive me to the airport and, as I cried when I left him to go through security, I knew it was more than just an work fling.

“A change in our careers meant more time at home and no more relying on Facetime to communicate as we travelled Scotland! I love to cook and Duncan loves to eat my food, so we’ve fallen into a happy domestic routine (though a puppy would make it better, I’m still working on that one!).

“Duncan finally proposed in January after many months… ok, maybe years, of badgering! He asked me at Castle Lachlan on Loch Fyne, very fitting as it is his ancestral seat, it was beautiful and yes there were tears! It was only once I had the ring on that I realised it was my dream ring – a little jewellers in Edinburgh was closing down and I had fallen in love with this ring, however in August last year the ring showed as sold on their website, I was devastated when I thought Duncan didn’t buy it. However the sneaky wee sod did, and it had been right under my nose in the flat since!

“So after allowing him a few days of oblivious bliss, I then sprung a list of venues at him – Surprise! I’ve had list of suppliers stockpiled for a while and even he’s admitted they’ve come in handy!

“Luckily Dunc and I have been on the same page about most elements of the wedding and he’s good at voicing his opinion when he doesn’t like something. We’re both indecisive people (deciding what to have for dinner is a nightmare!) but amazingly, and to the surprise of all who know us, we’ve actually agreed on most things, believe me it’s a miracle! We both wanted a wedding in an exclusive hire venue and Colstoun is perfect, most of our family can stay on site and they are so relaxed about our ideas. Plus the chairs didn’t need chair covers – they give me nightmares and may seem like a small detail but venues were discounted because of the chairs, every bride is allowed a bridezilla moment! Chair covers are mine!

“We’ve ticked off many of the big things – venue, humanist, caterer, photographers, videographer, cake, flowers, and stationer. We’ve actually been focused on flowers and stationery lately, trying to get our invites done so they can be posted by the end of the month. We’re using the lovely Anna from Origami Fox, and are so excited by what she’s planning for us. I’m from the Bartholomew Maps family and wanted to have maps incorporated into the day to recognise this, this theme will pop up again on the day…

“It was important to us to try and be sustainable where we can, yes I’ve ordered lots of things from China, but we’re trying to offset that with using local suppliers as well. Adelaide’s Flowers were recommended to me by Colstoun and as she grows all her flowers, she fits in with our ethos. I adore spring flowers and am excited that some are being grown just for our day, I’m hoping she will send me ‘growing’ updates!

“I’ve also been entering all the wedding competitions I can. Usually I’m pretty unlucky, but I’ve won two competitions with Shropshire Petals, and am so excited about my bridesmaids carrying giant confetti filled balloons for photos, though they might have to fight our three flower girls and pageboy for them! It also means we can have real petal confetti at the wedding and I can’t wait to see the ridiculous ‘confetti throwing’ faces of our guests captured!

“This last month, wedding planning has been put on hold as I’ve been in the process of changing jobs and my dad is in hospital. Dunc’s also been on an important course which finishes this week. But with my mother in law (to be) over from Sydney, I’ll get back to it with gusto, even with Christmas coming up. Most of the decorations are DIY and homemade, Duncan has been looking on as I go mental with the hot glue gun, but he’s going to have to get involved as I’ve fallen behind, I’m sure with some coaching he’ll become crafty and a master of cutting out paper petals in no time!”

Loving the sound of the DIY decorations! Hopefully there are no glue-gun related incidents over Christmas… Christina x

Sarah and Duncan are getting married at Colstoun House near Haddington in March, and Sarah is dreaming of an outdoor ceremony – either on the lawn or in the purpose-built polytunnel in the walled garden. Their day will be rustic with hints of blush, green and rose gold.

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