Scenic Lake Eibsee Love Shoot, Germany

Anjili and Tobias, from Munich, travelled to Lake Eibsee in the early morning hours for their engagement shoot with Mademoiselle Florence. The couple were absolutely amazed by the beauty of this region- at an elevation of almost one thousand metres, Lake Eibsee is located at the foot of Germany’s highest mountain. Anjili and Tobias met while working together- sharing the same shifts, they realised they were having a blast in each other’s company. When Anjili asked Tobias why he had no girlfriend, he responded with “I don’t have time for that”, which was actually her standard answer to everything. Six months later Tobias moved in with Anjili. The couple got engaged last October with a romantic proposal from Tobias- Anjili arrived at her sister’s garden with a group of their close friends to find a path with candles leading her to Tobias. He then got down on one knee (having previously asked her father for his permission). The couple plan to have their wedding near Dachau in a beautiful, simple inn with a big glass façade and a terrace, with a vintage style celebration surrounded by family and friends. 

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