See You Never, 2017!! But You Were Amazing

The last day of 2017 is here, so it’s time to reflect on what’s been happening for Way Out Wedding over the last 12 months. I love doing this because you can see in one glance how many brilliant things have happened. Sometimes we worry about where we aren’t instead of celebrating how far we’ve come. Guilty! But writing these always makes me feel fuzzy and proud as punch. Not to mention fired up for the coming year!


I think the best thing that happened this year was that Ellie Kime of The Wedding Enthusiast joined the team as my wing woman. I’ve never been any good at delegating, especially when something is ‘my baby’ in the way this blog is, but with Ellie I had, for the first time ever, zero fear. In fact, I couldn’t wait to hand stuff over as she’s absolutely breathed new life into the feel and voice of the blog. Plus it’s meant that as I choose who’s featured, Ellie actually gets it up on the blog quickly, rather than like in the past where I’d never have time to do it so you’d never hear about them. Ellie is a blogging machine and writes magic in double-quick time, all of which means a ton more content for all you couples planning your weddings!


In terms of numbers of followers, I’m not in the blogging big league. But actually I don’t mind because when people comment and hit ‘like’ on my social media channels, it’s familiar faces a lot of the time, with an influx of new people at regular intervals. Anyone blogging and worrying their stats aren’t huge – don’t because engagement is worth its weight in gold. Saying this, I still did a little dance when the combined social media numbers totalled 10K! If you want to follow along and help the totaliser (like the Blue Peter one of yonderyear) increase eeeeven more, this is the Instagram, this is the Pinterest, the Facebook and the Twitter. See. You. There.

The W Edit Directory

I finally got the blog’s directory, The W Edit, off the ground in the winter of this year, and spaces are filling up fast with amazing vendors. I am really so excited about this because you may have noticed that the direction of the blog has really tightened into being about fashion and style, rather than straight-up real weddings, and the suppliers that I choose for the directory are in keeping with this by being absolute game-changers, setting trends rather than following them. Which we love here at WOW HQ.


It was a fantastic year for my shoots, with features on Bespoke BrideMagpie WeddingPlans and PresentsWant That Wedding, and in print in Vintage Life. Talking of print, I wrote a little bit on the painted leather jacket trend for Unveiled mag, and my article on planning your wedding with hidden disabilities in mind appeared in Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride magazine. (I was that lady skulking in W H Smiths, buying numerous copies ha!!). And I am really chuffed to say that I’ve since joined Kat’s editorial team on her blog, writing up some amazing weddings and shoots – cue happy dancing!

Paola De Paola Photography


I did two shoots this year, both chalk and cheese! One was ‘Prom Night’, which being based on “the look and feel of the film of Stephen King’s Carrie, along with influences from designers Meadham Kirchoff and Molly Goddard, this shoot had its heart in the 1970s–1980s, in Americana, a bubblegum palette, and a tongue-in-cheek, stylised tastelessness. The other was ‘Pretty in Punk’, which explored a prettier incarnation of the original 1970s-80s subculture, with the “vision full of tulles, embroidered upcycled dresses, separates, DIYd t-shirts, slogans, song lyrics, androgyny, undercuts, faux hawks, heavy set jewellery, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen (from Lee’s days), a bit of Manic Street Preachers early days, Sid and Nancy…” Let’s be in no way normal around here.

Oobaloos Photography

So what’s coming up in 2018?

  1. Magazine – There’s going to be a magazine. I say this every year, but with Ellie on board I’m confident this is the year. It’ll be a showcase of directory members’ work and because I’m a visual person above everything else, it’ll be really lookbooky.
  2. Diversity improvement – We’ve already dropped saying ‘suits for grooms’ because who says a suit is purely for one type of person? We say couples rather than ‘bride and groom.’ We want more people of colour represented. We want to see all the variations of abled and disabled. Long story short: We don’t want two sexes, two genders, one ability, one colour. We want spectrum and fluidity. We want HUMAN.
  3. I’m properly excited that we will be working with the mighty Rock The Frock on a fair few things this year, so watch out because RTF is winning at life and then some.
  4. Lastly, there will be a new format that will make the blog all fresh and new and stuff.

Violette Tannenbaum (coming soon!)

All that’s left to say now, is down that prosecco, you’re slacking.

And HAPPY NEW YEAR from Team WOW!!!



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